Goolsby bill would expand conceal carry rights on church property

Posted June 4, 2012

— Last year's castle doctrine bill expanded a number of rights for handgun owners, but the measure is apparently not the last word on gun bills for the two-year legislation session.

Sen. Thom Goolsby, R-New Hanover,  has filed S 924: Handgun on Educational Property, limited exceptions, to address what he says is a problem at one particular church in his district.

The bill would apply to churches that host K-12 classrooms during the school week. Current law forbids conceal-carry permit holders from bringing their guns onto "educational property." At least one interpretation of that law, Goolsby said, would prohibit parishioners from bringing their firearms onto church grounds even when school is out.  Goolsby on handgun bill  

"They have been told that that could possibly be a violation of firearms laws if (members of) their security team -- who is made up ... of a local law enforcement officer but then volunteers from the church, many of who have conceal weapons permits -- have a concealed weapon on church ground even when school's not in session," Goolsby said Monday night.

He said his bill would clarify the law and make sure members of that security team wouldn't be charged with a crime if they bring their weapons onto church grounds. 

"It'll help protect this congregation because they're concerned," Goolsby said.

The bill is currently sitting in the Senate Rules Committee, which is often a parking place for bills that legislative leaders want to make sure don't make too much progress. But Sen. Tom Apodaca, R-Henderson, told me that this bill may move. However, he said that if it does get a hearing, it would be late in this summer's short session. 



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  • YouGot2BeKidding Jun 11, 2012

    most communion wine is grape juice

  • kdogwnc Jun 5, 2012

    Just one more question for Thom: does your bill address the prohibition against carrying a concealed weapon while consuming alcohol? If not, how do Security Team members partake of the communion wine?

  • kdogwnc Jun 5, 2012

    Cross posted at bluenc.com:

    As a professing and practicing Christian myself, I have a few questions for the good Senator from the coast:

    1. Exactly how does the security team operate, and under what protocols? Does the team regularly train in procedures to deal with whatever threats are envisioned?

    2. What is the Biblical model for the security team? How exactly did Jesus organize his security? Were the disciples nothing more than glorified muscle?

    3. Exactly what threats does this church envision facing? Exactly who are they trying to protect themselves from?

    4. During worship services, are members of the security team standing guard, with assigned guard posts? Or are they undercover among the congregation, complete with earbud radios and American flag lapel pins?

    5. Does every Republican in Raleigh go by Thom?