Constitutional amendment certified as election fraud questions winnowed

Posted May 23, 2012

— The State Board of Elections has certified results from the May 8 primary. Among other things, that means the constitutional amendment defining marriage is officially part of the constitution. The Secretary of State will formally put it on the books this afternoon.

After the board meeting, Elections Director Gary Bartlett gave reporters an update on two voter fraud items. 

As I mentioned in this story on voter fraud, a Wake County group had submitted 553 names of people they said were registered voters who might be ineligible to vote because they were non-citizens. 

Division of Motor Vehicle records have confirmed that all but 41 of those individuals are U.S. citizens and properly registered. As for the remaining 41, Bartlett said the state board will investigate each. 

He also said that the board was investigating the film made by Jame O'Keefe purporting to show non-citizen voters and other fraud. Thus far, Bartlett said, state investigators had confirmed that two people the video accused of being non-citizens were in fact citizens. Another supposedly dead voter died during the early voting period. 

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  • driverkid3 May 24, 2012

    No ones seems to want to tackle this problem. Have the dems heard of fraudulent ID, stolen SS numbers, etc., etc.? This fighting against voter ID makes me wonder just how smart these epople are.