Dalton wants eight debates

Posted May 14, 2012

— Lt. Gov Walter Dalton challenged former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory to a series of eight debates this summer and fall as the two campaign for governor. 

Dalton, a Democrat, says the two men should be able to lay our their "competing visions" for North Carolina.

"North Carolina is at a crossroads and the people deserve a straightforward discussion on the future of our state. I invite Pat McCrory to tell us what he stands for and commit to joining me at these debates,” Dalton said in a news release. 

Dalton lays out a once-a-month debate schedule for June through September in addition to debates traditionally held in October.

In 2008, now-Gov. Bev Perude, who is not running for re-election, faced McCrory in several debates hosted by UNC-TV, WRAL-TV and other television stations. They also faced each other in a June forum held by the N.C. Bar Association and a September debate in front of education leaders.

No word yet from the McCrory campaign as to whether the Republican will embrace Dalton's proposed 2012 schedule.

Update: The McCrory campaign answers by saying, yes, they'll accept some debates but not all eight at once. 

The Republican also took the opportunity to smack Dalton around for skipping Board of Community College meetings -- the Lt. Governor is allowed to send a designee -- and twist the knife a bit on the David Parker fiasco. The campaign said they'd announce debates on a case-by-case basis. And spokesman Brian Nick added: 

"Walter Dalton has had a really rough few days since becoming his party's nominee for Governor. He has spent his time answering questions about the fact that his record and vision for North Carolina is a carbon copy of Governor Perdue's, and his role in the corruption and cover up at the North Carolina Democratic Party. Now in a desperate attempt to change the subject, he instead has highlighted his failure to perform his duties as Lieutenant Governor by skipping a majority of community college board meetings."



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  • cushioncritter May 15, 2012

    Hopefully McCrory will learn a lesson from the presidential race -- sometimes "free TV time" comes at too high a price (the GOP allowed the media to vet/select Romney, and held the early primaries in "blue" states that will be voting for Obama in November anyway).

    Eight debates moderated by such groups as UNC-TV with its unabashed leftist agenda would do a lot more damage than being accused of ducking debates by the almost unknown Dalton. I can imagine the questions now, such as: "Mr. McCrory, will you commit to a small increase in the sales tax in order to keep teachers in the classroom and feed starving children?". Its better for conservatives to admit who controls the "free" airwaves and seek out alternatives. Buying TV commercials is much more effective.