WRAL News Poll crosstabs

Posted March 21, 2012

We've been reporting for the past two days on the results of a poll WRAL News commissioned from SurveyUSA. 

We always like to say we don't trust any poll unless we can see the methodology, crosstabs, and question order. So in the spirit of full disclosure, here are ours. 

The poll was conducted by SurveyUSA from Friday 3/16/12 to Wednesday 3/20/12. Nearly 2,000 adults were surveyed, including home phones and cell phones.


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  • wildpig777 Mar 22, 2012

    i think WRAL is one of the MOST UNFAIR, UNBALANCED, CENSORSHIP MINDED -and i'm gonna honor WRAL here and call yall a news media service ever to hit the internet....I find WRAL WILL CENSOR IN A HEART BEAT and based upon what i read from other viewers -- i am merely echoing their sentiments.... wonder if this gets past the WRAL CENSORS........

  • ljohnson247 Mar 22, 2012

    Polls are a snapshop in time. What one thinks today could be totally different tommorow. The results of polls are based on the way the question is put together. You could get different answers from the same main question by just changing some words around. You can write this down, put the Dems back in control in 2012 and you will see taxing rising and funds flowing to programs where they got their votes from and to those they gave the big donations. The only thing the working taxpayer will get is less money due to paying more taxes.