Perdue calls for more school funds

Posted March 19, 2012

Gov. Bev Perdue met with reporters this morning to kick off a two-week statewide tour, pushing state lawmakers to find more money for schools.

Perdue said she would seek meetings with Republican House and Senate leaders to talk about how to address the upcoming budget. Next year's budget, as written last year, includes $74 million in additional state "flexibility" cuts to school districts. 

Last year, leftover federal "EduJobs" funding was available to help cover cuts. But that money - another $258.5 million - won't be available this year.   

"Nothing can stop that loss." Perdue said this morning. "This is the year that there has to be a plan. They can’t just do more cutting. It’s extreme." Perdue 031912 Perdue: More education funds needed

Perdue is still pushing for a three-quarter cent tax increase to generate additional revenue to cover the total $332.6 million cut.  But Republican leaders have already called her proposal "dead on arrival." 

The governor also called on conservative groups Americans for Prosperity and CIvitas to pull the "NC Real Solutions" ad campaign they launched last week.

The ad credits GOP leaders with having added 2000 more state-funded teachers to schools statewide. It doesn't mention that on balance, looking at federal, state, and local funding, {{href="external_link-0"}}DPI reports{{/a}} there are 915 fewer teachers employed in North Carolina this school year than last.

Perdue said the ad "distorts the truth."

"Anybody who can listen and count the slots understands clearly that it’s just an attempt to muddy the waters," she said. "We are sitting today with fewer teachers than we had in the classroom last year, fewer employees in the public school system, fewer teachers’ assistants, as we face an increasing enrollment in schools in North Carolina." 

"I’m asking them to pull this ad down, to stop trying to distort the truth, and [for] the General Assembly to join me in my plan to try to do whatever it is that’s necessary to stand up public education in North Carolina," said Perdue. 

State Americans for Prosperity director Dallas Woodhouse said the ad "is100 percent accurate and truthful" and will remain on the airwaves, adding that he hopes to expand the ad's reach over the coming weeks.

"If the Governor did not constantly make untrue statements about the current state budget," Woodhouse said, "our NC Real Solutions effort would not be needed." 


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  • COPs eye Mar 21, 2012

    Dont pay off the eugenics program victims. That money would be better spent paying for education since the taxpayers today including myself had nothing to do with the programs. BYE BYE bev, you will NOT be missed by the taxpayers.

  • Rico Mar 21, 2012

    "Cut the waste here and put people in place who care more about education than they do about themself."

    Well said..start with the teachers, performance based pay only..lock up teachers lounges...

  • randall0123a Mar 21, 2012

    There is no money because we find it more important to pay off eugenics families. Good job Bev! Lets give away money to those people, which will not change the past. But, this will cause an even larger budget deficit, to where we have insufficient education funding. I guess Bev knows where to find teachers that work for free. Good riddance Bev.

  • jcs3102 Mar 20, 2012

    unemployment is above 20 percent in some counties. NC cant afford more taxes. Perdue knew this problem was coming a year ago and has done nothing. Perdues legacy to NC is higher unemployment, greater debt, higher taxes and poorer education system. She cant leave soon enough for me!

  • br549znc Mar 20, 2012

    Good bye Bev.

  • driverkid3 Mar 19, 2012

    ljohnson, she just doesn't care, all she wants is more money. That's at the top of her list and she isn't bothered by the rest.

  • ljohnson247 Mar 19, 2012

    The Gov is trying to go out in a blaze of glory. If she would look at all the money that is going in the Admin Depts in the counties education system she would see where most of the money is going. Cut the waste here and put people in place who care more about education than they do about themself.