Perdue: 'Polls don't matter'

Posted February 24, 2012

During an appearance on CNN this afternoon, Governor Bev Perdue defended her decision not to seek a second term, and blasted NC's Republican legislative leaders for their focus on social issues.

Perdue told anchor Brooke Baldwin that it wasn’t a matter of giving up. In 20 years in politics, Perdue noted, she never lost an election. “It’s not just partisan politics - it’s the tone of the partisan politics in this country these days.”

“I simply decided I couldn’t continue to do the work [on education] I care about in this kind of rabidly partisan environment,” Perdue said. “Taking it out of the partisan ballgame, I can be much more effective in making people face up to the challenges that we in North Carolina and in this country face in how we’re going to educate our kids to be globally competitive.”

Baldwin went on to quiz Perdue about her dismal approval ratings. Perdue’s smile faltered, but only briefly.

“Approval ratings don’t matter a hill of beans to me. They’ve never mattered. The only thing that matters is when the campaign starts, and we contrast [Republican candidate] Pat McCrory to the behavior that he and the Republican General Assembly have exhibited,” Perdue answered. 

“Polls don’t matter. People matter. I’m proud of my record.“ 

Perdue accused GOP leaders of focusing on social issues instead of creating jobs. “Right now, my state has a horrible constitutional amendment before it on marriage. We have the second [most] heinous [abortion] choice bill in America, second to Virginia – thank goodness Virginia did something – and we’re going backward.”

Watch the whole interview at right.


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  • Karmageddon Feb 28, 2012

    When you can't take the heat....you get out of the kitchen

  • heisenberg Feb 27, 2012

    Maybe polls don't matter, but her dismal record as governor does matter - and she did not stand a chance of being re-elected.

  • gtstallings45 Feb 27, 2012

    Of course, polls matter. Governor Perdue, you are not an effective governor and I wish my girls had known you as such. Spin it as you will, but you have been an ineffective governor. A milquetoast cabinet secretary, at best. Never a leader. I hate that, but it is true.

  • Objective Scientist Feb 27, 2012

    "Polls don't matter." - Perdue's opinion at the moment, if she were seeking re-election and the "polls" had her 10-15 percentage points ahead of everyone else - she'd think they mattered. But - the question - do polls matter? Should they matter? Properly done by highly-trained - unbiased sampling statisticians a poll can be an accurate ESTIMATE of what the specified population (all registered voters in NC, for example) thinks about an issue or a candidate. Perdue's approval rating in Jan was 32% plus/minus 3.5%. The "poll" estimates from its sample that her approval rating could be as low as 28.5% or as high as 35.5% with a probability of .95 - think 95 out of 100 - or anywhere in between 28.5 and 35.5. There is only a .05 (5 of 100) chance it is outside that range. That range and probability apply only if the sample is unbiased and is a good/true representation of the population and a true random sample often meets both criteria. Bottom line - ~1/3rd or less approve of Bev's work!

  • THE OLD - THE NEW Feb 27, 2012

    She quit so she can still quote the record of having never lost. But then if she would admit the truth she would have lost the last election except for the straight dem tickets.

  • AlbertEinstein Feb 27, 2012

    Could be true... "Polls don't matter." But then again, once the truth comes forward about the dealings with the Easley administration we will find that the efforts to sugar coat reality do matter.

  • driverkid3 Feb 25, 2012

    Sugar coat it all you want to, bev. You KNOW you would have lost. And you have some nerve talking about what the other side has done when you have been a big part of the party that has all but wrecked this state over the past century plus. It seems that you along with the dems are rather delusional about a lot of things, and this is one of them.