Dems snap up domains

Posted February 1, 2012

While most everyone in North Carolina politics waits to hear whether Erskine Bowles will run for governor, his party isn't taking any chances on "domain squatters" - it's already bought erskinebowles.com and bowlesfornc.com  

Republicans say the buy shows favoritism by Democratic leaders, which is a no-no in a primary election.

But Democratic party spokesman Walton Robinson says that's not the case. 

He says the party also bought EtheridgeforNC.com (Bob Etheridge), BlueforNC.com (Senator Dan Blue), DaltonforNorthCarolina.com (Lt. Governor Dalton), MooreforNC.com (former Treasurer Richard Moore), and FaisonForNC.com (Rep. Bill Faison) over the past few days. 

"Buying domains is just one way that the party can help our candidates stay ahead of the Republicans," Robinson said. "And it does not, in any way, indicate an endorsement."

When asked why the party didn't buy domains for the three sitting congressmen who've expressed interest in the race (Miller, Shuler and McIntyre), Robinson said most congressmembers who work with the DSCC or DCCC already own their own domains. "There aren't any tea-leaves to read here, I promise," he added.   

UPDATED: More here.


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