Perdue roars back

Posted January 28, 2012

Two days after announcing she won't run for a second term, Gov. Bev Perdue set the crowd on fire at a party event in Greensboro.

Perdue hasn't spoken publicly since her announcement Thursday that she wouldn't seek re-election -- a decision, insiders say, that was immensely difficult and emotional for her.

It wasn't clear till midday Saturday that Perdue would even show up for her scheduled appearance at the Democrats' Sanford-Hunt-Frye dinner, kicking off campaign season.

But she showed up, and showed up big. 

The crowd was on its feet when she walked onto the stage. 

"Tonight's not about Bev," she repeated.

Her voice ragged with emotion, Perdue assured the crowd she isn't finished yet. 

"I am not on my way out," she shouted to cheering supporters. "We have, as Democrats, the most important 10 months in our history in front of us."

Perdue talked about her bitter political battles with Republican lawmakers, especially over the budget. "I’ve made horrific decisions that I didn’t want to make in order to keep this state moving forward," she said. 

She said she had presided over the biggest reorganization of state government in 65 years. "How dare they tell me we’re not fiscal managers? We know what we’re about," she told the crowd. 

But the cuts to education, she said, were beyond what she could bear. "Economic development and education are inextricably linked," she said. "You’ve got to invest to move forward."

Perdue said she would continue to fight for more funding for schools, and would also campaign against the same-sex marriage ban on the ballot on May. 

Several Democratic hopefuls were expected to announce their candidacy for governor at Saturday's event, but as of 9:30pm, only one had: Rep. Bill Faison, D-Orange, joined Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton on the Democratic primary slate.  

Most of the others were reportedly waiting to see what Erskine Bowles would decide. 

Polling has shown Bowles would be the strongest Democratic match for Republican Pat McCrory. But the former UNC chief has been hesitant to run, despite reported attempts by former Gov. Jim Hunt and former Sen. Tony Rand to draw him into the race.

Insiders say several high-profile candidates have already said they won't run if Bowles does. There's no word yet when Bowles will decide. 



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  • Karmageddon Jan 31, 2012

    Bev doesn't roar.....she whines

  • bbslagle Jan 31, 2012

    In her [Purdue] dreams she is roaring back! A .75% (really rounded up to 1%) will cost small business and every citizen for every purchase they make.. The tire company choose South Carolina due to tax relief AND didn't want to get tangled up in the "inside politics" of the conflict of interest regarding the land for the plant. Too much trouble. Where is the investigative reporting in NC? The budget was less than 1% above Purdue's proposed budget; she never once reached across the isle to work with the majority. She let the majority take the heat for inevitable- the Budget had to be balanced; it is law. NC is in a position where no more borrowing (bonds) is an option, look into that situation.

    Looking Glass

  • AlbertEinstein Jan 31, 2012

    First off, somebody commented that Bev was "resigning." We could only hope. Second, I do not think that any organization (including the education folks) will want to associate themselves with Bev once the courts start investigating the continued activities of Easley.

  • SaveEnergyMan Jan 30, 2012

    Money doesn't educate students. It's parents who instill the need to learn and who discipline their children. It's students who show up ready to learn, understanding that education is a one way ticket out of poverty. It's teachers who just want to teach and not have to deal constantly with unruly students and the mountains of extra paperwork from administrators. It's admininstrators who handle the paperwork, the serious discipline problems outside of the classroom, and let the teachers do their jobs. Taxes and vouchers can't do any of those things. Have the courage to address the real problems before we raise taxes.

  • Hill55 Jan 29, 2012

    Who is "they" Bev?

    "how dare they"?

    You mean how dare voters who put "they" (the republicans) in the House and Senate?

    Y'all have been in power for TOO long and it was time to shake things up. I know you and your fellow Dems liked it the old way. But the state has changed.

  • UNCfuturealumi Jan 29, 2012

    Bring Bowles on..he is a total joke from the get-go

  • teleman60 Jan 29, 2012

    Her resignation had nothing to do with her governorship and everything to do with forcing Democrats to the polls in May. Giving them a reason to vote will also stop the marriage amendment dead in it's track. That was actually a pretty selfless thing to do. Thanks Bev...

  • Fuquayone Jan 28, 2012

    Who cares. Bowles. Mis-spelled Bowels. Tuition's keep getting increased out of control, and he is part of the debt reduction solution in DC. Who really cares anymore?

  • raleighpack Jan 28, 2012

    Sorry Bev but, yes, you are on your way out.

  • jdupree Jan 28, 2012

    The roar was for the fact she is not running.