McCrory to headline Wake GOP event

Posted January 19, 2012

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Pat McCrory will be the keynote speaker at the Wake GOP's 2012 precinct meeting in Raleigh next month.

Wake Republicans are calling the Feb. 16th meeting at Dorton Arena "Back to Basics." It's open to all registered Republicans in the county, but an RSVP is recommended. 

According to today's release about the meeting, attendees will choose precinct and House district officers for 2012, meet GOP candidates, and receive training on subjects ranging from social media to "Talking to Liberals." 

McCrory is scheduled to officially announce his candidacy for governor later this month in Greensboro. At present, he has no serious competition for the GOP nomination. The latest polls show the former Charlotte mayor holding a double-digit lead over incumbent Democrat Gov. Bev Perdue.  


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  • Rico Jan 23, 2012

    and receive training on subjects ranging from social media to "Talking to Liberals."
    the African American community should be really scared of this guy.

  • greg69innc Jan 22, 2012

    I still say one of the thousands of the long termed unemployed should run therefore we could have some representation combined with some understanding. Out with the money and in with the someone who knows a days work looks like

  • ratherbnwpb Jan 22, 2012

    And they shall fill Dorton Arena with their polished jackboots singing Heil McCrory!

  • marktroll Jan 21, 2012

    lol look at bev perdue. too silent on too many issues. she is unfit to lead the state. all she can do is blame the legislature, further proving her inability to be a leader.

  • COPs eye Jan 21, 2012

    I dont know if he is going to be good for NC or not based on his record, but beverly has got to go!!!!

  • timtooltime777 Jan 20, 2012

    He is owned by the big banks in the queen city, Not for the people ! Check his and Senator burr's guest list !

  • driverkid3 Jan 20, 2012

    10 million times better than what we have in there now. Empty suit and head.

  • snshine62d Jan 20, 2012

    Another one that doesn't have a clue.

  • YippiYiyoKiYay Jan 20, 2012

    jlp...You may be right about the suit but at this time my friend we have an occupier in the Gov's office with an empty head. Lesser of two evils perhaps?

  • jlp Jan 20, 2012

    Who cares? Just an empty suit.