Chatham rancher running for ag commissioner

Posted October 4, 2011

Chatham County cattle farmer Scott Bryant said Tuesday that he plans to seek the Democratic nomination for North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture.

“In these tough times, we need new leadership who will be willing to look for new ideas and new ways to increase food and crop production, protect consumers and help agribusiness make a profit,” Bryant said in a statement. “I will be a working commissioner of agriculture. I will be a leading voice for our farmers, our consumers and the agribusiness industry.”

Bryant, 44, grew up on a cattle and production farm in Lee County and served 20 years as a deputy in Lee and Chatham counties. He now owns B&B Farms in Siler City.

This is his first campaign for elective office.

“Voters across the state are tired of the status quo," he said. "They are tired of hearing the professional politicians tell them why we can’t accomplish something. They are tired of having the bureaucrats in Raleigh run everything and expect the taxpayers to belly up their money without any input or oversight."

Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler, a Republican, hasn't yet announced whether he will seek a third term.


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  • peppermintspr Oct 5, 2011

    Because of the 2011 re-distrting of Cay from Wake County into Chatham County, landowners and farmers are about to experience a drastic and potentially harmful, lasting shift in the quality of life within Chatham County. This is large part arises from the fact that under NC law, farmers and rural residents, and especially those residing within municipal ETJs and targeting development areas, have absolutely no municipal voting rights. And few that are being regarded by Chatham's BOCC. Chatham County is NC's the next "spillover" for what's raped Cary, Apex, Orange County and, overall, the 17 counties of the Piedmont, the Triad and the greater Charlotte counties. The future of Chatham County is all about bid development interests. Have you examined the profiles of its leaders lately? A real "tell-al"!

  • peppermintspr Oct 5, 2011

    Mr. Bryant,

    Select NC journalists and legislators have suggested that critical farm-related issues known to them and various legislators may enhance your campaign platform.

    If you are interested, kindly contact address: savencsfarms@aol.com ASAP.

  • peppermintspr Oct 5, 2011

    RE JLP's Oct. 4 "comment", while I am absolutely no friend of Comm. Troxler's wayward policies, the refused further budget cuts stemming from the fact that the NCDA was reportedly the ONLY NC egency that had received no increases in funding for the prior decade, as he reported at the time.

    IMO, it always best to check one's facts before posting something as defamatory as JLP's comment.

  • olskoolfarmslbc Oct 5, 2011

    we are from chatham county and we think mr. bryant will be the best in the busy because he is a working man dedicated to agribusiness in our state.good luck to scott and you will be sure to receive our support.

  • jlp Oct 4, 2011

    Troxler has been a master at hypocrisy. All we hear from the GOP is cut spending yet when Bev said all departments had to cut their budgets, he refused. He also took a separate helicopter with Berger and Tillis to check on the hurricane damage because they were too immature to put partisanship aside and ride with the governor. Sounds like a real fiscal conservative.

  • atticush Oct 4, 2011

    Uhh, what has Troxler done that is so great? The number of family farms has crashed on Troxler's watch.

  • UNCfuturealumi Oct 4, 2011

    You need to stay in Chatham my dear friend..Steve Troxler is the man for the job and has done a great job since being elected and I see him returning to the Ag Comm position..