Forrester: Errors 'inadvertent'

Posted September 30, 2011

Updated below

Senator Jim Forrester, R-Gaston, has responded to queries about apparent misrepresentations on his campaign website.

Dr. Forrester admits he’s not currently a member of the American College of Preventive Medicine, but says that he was a Fellow of the group in 1984 and still has the certificate.

American College of Preventive Medicine executive director Michael Barry said yesterday that Forrester had never been a Fellow of that organization. We’ve asked the ACPM to double-check its records and will update here when we hear back.  

Forrester's site also says he's an Associate Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association. The group’s membership director Gloria Carter said he hasn’t been an associate fellow for some time.

"Dr. James Forrester was a member but his membership lapsed in 2005 for non-payment of the required annual dues,” Carter wrote in an email. “Dr. Forrester was an Associate Fellow only at that time."

Forrester says he believed he had a lifetime membership to the Aerospace Medical Association.

The senator's campaign website also says he is a member of the American Medical Association. An AMA spokesperson says Forrester is not a member. 

“If I made any mistakes on my resume, it was inadvertent,” Forrester said. “I certainly wasn’t trying to spice up my resume. I don’t need to spice up my resume. I have a great resume.”

“The gay and lesbian groups are very upset with me because I pushed that bill (the marriage amendment) through,” Forrester continued. “They’re trying to do anything they can to discredit me. I’ve never had my credentials questioned before."

Update from ACPM executive director Michael Barry:  "I can confirm that Dr. Forrester is not a Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine." 

"Since our discussion last night, we have learned that he once was a Fellow, as we’ve acquired a copy of his ACPM Fellow certificate from 1984," Barry said in an e-mail this afternoon. "However, our records do not go back that far, so we don’t know when his membership in ACPM lapsed."

"Our records do go back to the mid-1990s, and we know he has not been a dues-paying member of our organization at any time since that time, so he does not have a basis for claiming to be a Fellow of ACPM at this time."


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  • marktroll Oct 3, 2011

    lol. seems like this story is being chased down a little too hard by a reporter with an agenda.

  • theartistformerlyknownasspeedy Oct 1, 2011

    Intersting that Saturday comments are allowed on a article critical of the right.

  • Bellar1 Oct 1, 2011

    He also claims to be an FAA medical examiner but the FAA ME database when queried with last name Forrester responds "There are no AMEs with this name." When the database is downloaded, he does not appear on the list as an authorized FAA examiner despite his web site claim to be a "Class 1 FAA Examiner"

  • hepstyle Oct 1, 2011

    Yes yes, a GREAT resume! A resume that includes a Nobel Prize in Physics, regular meetings with The Pope, and playing linebacker for the 1973 Washington Redskins. How dare anyone question his credentials?

  • mediawatcher Oct 1, 2011

    Senator Forrester, a truthful and honest resume survives under scrutiny no matter who you think is trying to discredit you so stop blaming others and blame yourself for being a liar.

  • jakegoad Sep 30, 2011

    "Perhaps if you weren't trying to push junk science and medical quackery as a justification for an unjustifiably discriminatory amendment, people wouldn't be calling your integrity into question, Senator Dr. Forrester." - jdelapp42


  • ursulav Sep 30, 2011

    Since apparently this makes a difference to Senator Forrester, let me just say that I am a lifelong heterosexual, and *I'm* questioning his credentials.

  • jawsofsteel Sep 30, 2011

    I would like to add one more thing to this post. Have you even looked at this man's website. He should be our next President. If anyone has ever loved America then this is your man. He has actually accomplished something. I'd pit this honorable man against "Anyone" in our country and the worst he would do is "tie". All of this because a bunch of "children" have not learned their sexuality.

  • jdelapp42 Sep 30, 2011

    Perhaps if you weren't trying to push junk science and medical quackery as a justification for an unjustifiably discriminatory amendment, people wouldn't be calling your integrity into question, Senator Dr. Forrester.

  • garychapelhill Sep 30, 2011

    He's a liar and a bigot and a disgrace to this state, and to the medical profession.