Miller: LGBT NC 'Thrown under the bus'

Posted September 21, 2011

While state Senators argued inside, advocates of same-sex marriage and backers of a constitutional amendment to ban it rallied in Raleigh Tuesday.

Asked for comment on the news that Gov. Bev Perdue and key Democrats pushed for a ballot date change that could boost the same-sex marriage ban, Equality NC Interim Director Alex Miller didn't mince words.  

"LGBT voters, along with the hundreds of thousands of straight North Carolinians who rely on the legal protections afforded to them by civil unions and domestic partnerships, were absolutely thrown under the bus, along with domestic violence victims, public employees and all those who believe in equal rights for all our citizens," Miller said.

"Any legislator, regardless of party, who supported this amendment only when it was clear the referendum date would not jeopardize their own political careers is guilty of the worst kind of political cowardice and representative malpractice."

"Our primary objective after defeating the amendment on the primary ballot will be to work toward the electoral defeat of every legislator who supported this harmful, discriminatory amendment, regardless of the party they purport to represent."



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  • skeeter II Sep 24, 2011

    Just living together should not give anyone any legal rights other than the rights they have as individuals.

  • OnlyTheBestWillDo Sep 23, 2011

    Yeah! Let's vote!

  • greg11 Sep 22, 2011

    good luck

  • chevybelair57sd Sep 22, 2011

    Once again politics prevail. Gays should demand a tax cut since their right to use civil services is forbidden.

  • hp277 Sep 22, 2011

    I hope the Democrats who supported this will face challengers in the Democratic primary. Between the primary and redistricting, all these guys' polital careers should be toast.