A primary for Perdue?

Posted September 16, 2011
Updated September 17, 2011

Updated - see below

Gov. Bev Perdue may not be the only Democratic candidate for governor on May’s primary ballot.

Perdue’s poll numbers have rebounded a bit from earlier lows, aided lately by her handling of Hurricane Irene. But she’s still perceived as vulnerable in 2012, even by members of her own party establishment. For weeks, rumors have circulated about potential challengers making phone calls and assessing their odds.

Democratic consultant Brad Crone said a primary challenge is very possible. “With the political troubles Perdue’s been facing, it would not surprise me if she faced a challenge from [state Rep.] Bill Faison in the legislature or from the business community,” he said. 

Crone has worked for Faison in the past, but is not at present. 

Multiple sources say Faison has been making inquiries. 

Much depends on the outcome of an ongoing state and federal investigation into the Perdue campaign’s failure to timely report donations of more than $56,000 worth of air travel in 2004 and 2008. A subsequent probe by the State Elections Board ended in a $30,000 fine for the campaign last year.

Wake County District Attorney Colon Willoughby asked the SBI to look into the matter, though he said at the time his concerns were not about Perdue herself. Perdue said she was confident the investigation would not find "criminal wrongdoing" by her campaign.

In February of this year, one contributor, Robert Caldwell of Morganton, was indicted for felony obstruction of justice. Willoughby said at that time he “would not be surprised to see more charges.”

An ongoing grand jury is reportedly still looking into the matter. If more indictments should come down, and if they’re people who are close to Perdue, she could decide to withdraw from the race, forcing Democrats to find another candidate.

Update: Faison declined to confirm or deny the rumors Friday, but clarified Saturday that while he would consider a run for governor if Perdue opts not to run for re-election, he will not challenge her.


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  • ljohnson247 Sep 22, 2011

    As the Pres is doing, she is not governing but campaigning for re-election. She is looking out for herself only as the Pres is doing.

  • marktroll Sep 20, 2011

    where is the governor????

  • PoBoy Sep 19, 2011

    It's strange to me, that right across our southern border in fair South Carolina, that Gov. Haley seems to be present at a new manufacturor opening up at LEAST once a week down there! She made a comment the other day that "Dems, you keep messing with me and I'll keep getting more jobs coming to SC!" Here in NC, seems like we see a plant or two closing every week. Hmmm, wonder if there is a pattern here.

  • driverkid3 Sep 18, 2011

    geosol: Look at what the democrats have done in their reign of terror. They drove this state into the ground and are still doing it every chance they get. They don't have a clue of what truth and honesty mean as they have never practised or used it. Really, sweetie, you need to peel your lips off the rumps of the dems and take a look around.

  • driverkid3 Sep 18, 2011

    geosol: lets look at your statement point by point:
    party of fear: dems threatening to take away seniors income
    party of hate: dems: go to the back of the bus, don't bring a knife to a gunfight, etc.

    party of ignorance: 57 states ring a bell?
    party of greed: dems again. They think they are entitled to keep grabbing money in the form of taxes, often neglecting to pay their own.

  • getupdems Sep 17, 2011

    Bill Faison should run against her. She looks worse and worse and there is no chance she will prevail. She is taking the party down when Bill could lift it up.

  • nanasix Sep 17, 2011

    Maybe the SOS Elaine Marhall will run. After all, with the millions she's cost the state in her Malfeasance of Duty since 1997, she could give Bev Perdue a run for her money, since Bev refuses to have the SOS's office audited, as did the Atty. Gen.

  • getupdems Sep 17, 2011

    I asked if Brad Crone works for Faison and he does not. Crone is made at the Governor and setting stories. Big deal.

  • Alex25 Sep 16, 2011

    Markets and Freedom and Business....Bev hasn't a clue.

  • Alex25 Sep 16, 2011

    TOOOOO Liberal.................killing NC