No love for the Sheriff

Posted September 16, 2011

In past campaign seasons, you could reliably expect Andy Griffith's name to be invoked by North Carolina Democrats up and down the ticket. The longtime Tar Heel celebrity even appeared in ads for Democratic governors Mike Easley and Bev Perdue as recently as 2008.

But another ad he starred in may have done him in.

According to Tom Jensen at PPP, Griffith's favorability with NC voters was at 56% during the summer of 2008. Only 9% saw him unfavorably. But that started to change after he appeared in a 2010 ad supporting the federal health care reform bill.  

A poll released today finds him sliding even further. His favorability now stands at 32%, with 23% disapproval. Jensen says the decline in his numbers is spearheaded by GOP disapproval. 

The main reason Griffith has dropped so far is that Republicans now express an outright negative opinion of him at 24/39. His favorability was a 35/31 spread with them last fall. Although the fall isn't as dramatic, he's also down with Democrats (from 53/11 to 39/12) and independents (from 40/27 to 28/23).

What would Aunt Bea say? 

Here's the poll. 



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  • 1 awesome Dad Sep 17, 2011

    At least he had the guts to stand u for what he believed

  • ncbeachladybug Sep 17, 2011

    For those of us who grew up in North Carolina during and shortly after the Andy Griffith show was originally broadcast, I'd like to be a little bit of a memory jogger. Some of us, at scout functions and otherwise, had the opportunity to meet the man himself. Even a child was able to realize that Sheriff Andy and Mr. Griffith were two separate individuals with entirely different personalities. Mr. Griffith wasn't particularly nice to us as kids - Sheriff Andy would have been. Don't confuse the man with the image. I would have loved Sheriff Taylor. I became quite disillusioned after meeting Mr. Griffith. I don't think he even liked kids.

  • mattoz5150 Sep 16, 2011

    Andy is the man. Period.

  • rcarroll Sep 16, 2011


  • matthewwood007 Sep 16, 2011

    It's like the old adage "They like ya til they dont'"

    Now a man who stood proudly for values and individualism, is just another actor spouting off....really North carolina!!!

    You favorite native son is now an Ex-patriot