Dems: Constitutional session a "waste"

Posted September 14, 2011

While Republican leaders are hailing this week's constitutional amendment session as a rousing success, Democrats are calling it everything but.

In the final House session this morning,  Minority Leader Joe Hackney said on the floor:

"This session is indeed one of the biggest wastes to ever to hit the North Carolina legislature. There has been nothing of substance accomplished except to put North Carolina in a negative light in terms of business and nationally, and it should not have been held."

 And this statement from Senate Minority Leader Martin Nesbitt just came in via email: 

“North Carolinians want to see three things from the General Assembly right now: jobs, jobs, and jobs. Yet Republicans just spent $50,000 per day of taxpayers’ money doing nothing but writing divisive social issues into the state constitution. That’s merely an encore to the job-killing GOP budget that’s laid off thousands of teachers and sent our state to 49th in per-student funding behind Mississippi and South Carolina. No wonder people are frustrated.

“Rather than turning back the clock on North Carolina, Republican leaders should focus on growing our economy and protecting public education. We need to do our jobs on creating jobs so North Carolinians can get back to theirs.”

And a message that went out this morning from NC Democratic Party chairman David Parker thanked Senate Dems for voting against the same-sex marriage amendment. An excerpt:

While the NC economy is struggling, Republicans have spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in their efforts to push a contentious social agenda that has not created a single job.

The reality is that this marriage amendment will not put one person back to work, it will not help one small business keep its doors open and it will not assist one single citizen now trying to recover from the devastation inflicted by Hurricane Irene.



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  • Obama 2012 Sep 15, 2011

    What about the jobs Republicans killed or shipped over seas?
    They need to get off their high horse and stop gay-bashing their own constituents

  • tjdebord Sep 15, 2011

    How about the amount of money the Dems have wasted over the last 100 years? What have they done to save money and create jobs, jobs, jobs? They need to get off their hypocritical high horse.