Brandon weighs in on Marriage Amendment

Posted September 12, 2011
Updated September 13, 2011

When you're the only openly gay lawmaker in the state legislature, what do you say when your colleagues are pushing a constitutional amendment banning you from marrying the partner of your choice? 

Rep. Marcus Brandon, D-Guilford, answered that question today. "When you got married," he asked his House colleagues at the end of a long, emotional debate, "how many people did you have to ask?"

Brandon told his peers they were advancing "fake arguments" about the threat gay marriage could pose to straight marriage. "This is all about, someone is different, and so therefore you will be treated different. That’s it," Brandon said. "It’s not even a logical argument. If you have a problem in your marriage, it’s probably something you’re doing, not something someone else is doing."

"It’s not a choice, believe me,"  Brandon said, recounting difficult discussions with his family about his orientation. "If it’s a choice, I wouldn’t choose to do that." 

As he was headed to a meeting today, Brandon said, he was yelled at by pro-amendment pastors speaking at a rally, who said he was an "abomination" and "going to hell."  

Brandon, who identifies as Christian, was deeply offended.

"As a person of faith, this is not something that has anything close to being God, or of God, or something He would want. God would not want anybody to feel like I felt walking across that bridge today. That is not God," Brandon told the House.

"Jesus said 'I treat all sins the same'," Brandon said. “So why does this body decide, oh, well, this one sin, we’re gonna look at it differently. This is the one we want in the constitution?" Brandon Rep. Brandon on the same-sex marriage amendment

"To the folks in the LGBT community," he concluded, "I do apologize for the General Assembly and the way we have operated." 

Watch the speech at right.



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  • chevybelair57sd Sep 15, 2011

    Funny church and state separation is mandatory whenever the ALCU decides it is but these hypocrites can incorporate it where rights of taxpaying gays is involved. I was also amazed at all the hypocrites in the black community decrying the minority status of them, if their rights were diminished, Barber would be on TV

  • driverkid3 Sep 14, 2011

    caseyjac425,Please explain this statement: He, of all people should know that qualifying for a 'position' (Marriage) has requirements to meet.

    I will be upfront about this. If two people are in a stable, loving relatiionship, whyu stop them? Why not let them make up their OWN minds about it? Why does ANYONE have the right tobe up in their business anyhow.

  • socialjustice64 Sep 14, 2011

    Actually, caseyjac425, it appears that Mr. Brandon's passport to marriage would be fairness and equity. He is now denied access to the more than 1,138 federal rights, protections and responsibilities automatically granted to married heterosexual couples.

    It is discrimination.

  • matthewwood007 Sep 14, 2011

    marriage might be sanctified by your Lord, but he aint here...so amonst us men on the planet we all call home, dont discriminate based on your mythology

  • jakegoad Sep 13, 2011

    If this was allowing people to vote, they'd be picking between banned and allowed, not banned and double banned.

    Given that this legislative session is costing 50,000 taxpayer dollars a day to keep running, largely to focus on this distraction from jobs, the economy, and unemployment is such a waste.

  • tceawvzwvpev Sep 13, 2011

    @marktroll: Actually, headlines should read "Legislators allow majority to vote on civil rights of minority, despite claiming to understand 'equal protection' clause of the US Constitution.

  • marktroll Sep 13, 2011

    headlines SHOULD read:
    Legislators voted to allow the citizens of NC to vote on constitutional amendment. the legislative body merely allowed the citizens of NC to vote on a matter that 31 other states have voted on.

  • jeffserra Sep 13, 2011

    No matter the vote Mr. Brandon, you will be remembered for your speech and your courage to call out your fellow legislators.

  • familyandamerica Sep 13, 2011

    You're a class act Mr. Brandon. I'm ashamed of my elected representatives today, but thankful there's at least one willing to call them to task for their ignorance and cowardice.