POTUS in NC next week

Posted September 9, 2011

The White House has confirmed that President Barack Obama will visit the Triangle next Wednesday to promote the jobs plan he announced in last night's speech. No details yet on where he'll appear. 

The president's visit coincides with his lowest poll numbers in North Carolina since last fall, according to Public Policy Polling.  Numbers out this afternoon show only 1 out of 3 independent voters approves of his job performance, and only 3 out of 4 Democrats. Pollster Tom Jensen says Obama would likely lose to either Perry or Romney if the election were held today.     

More on the poll here. 


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  • RMC10 Sep 13, 2011

    Obama's Job Plan is going to help whom??? So he's bringing construction jobs (Union Labor Required), school renovations (Union Carpenters Required) and Teachers (Teacher Labor Unions/Affiliations Required). So basically he has covered his patronage Big Labor buddies/contributions just fine. What's he bringing for this 62 year old woman who was let go in May under some very clear age discrimination circumstances. Where will I get another job - parts of this job bill should cover just how those types of circumstances will be addressed. I want to work, have great skills, a college degree and 25 years of Marketing/Marketing Research experience - not a union job in my past, so I assume I will have to get by on Workers Comp and damned glad to have even that! Obama Job Care - not feeling the love.Need a plan for a lot of folks 60+, or transition us to full benefit Social Security and Medicare now.

  • kjones026 Sep 12, 2011

    Hey Laura, how about updating this story. It has been announced where he will be visiting in NC.........

  • PoBoy Sep 12, 2011

    B.O. and his Rhetoric '11 tour! Wish I could be there, but I think I'll be cleaning my bathrooms that day!

  • Spock Sep 9, 2011

    I foresee a great gathering... gives a whole new meeting to the phrase, "blind leading the blind."

  • driverkid3 Sep 9, 2011

    Please don't, we don't need you here.