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Review: Fried Butter

Posted October 7, 2009

Who comes up with this stuff?

I mean, what spirit moves you to try to fry butter? I thought originally that maybe some innovator out there was just trying to assemble odd foods in alphabetical order, but then I thought of the Zucchini Weeni andthere went that theory. I had other ideas -- maybe there's some competition going on, maybe it's random -- but whatever it is, I think it'd make a great reality TV series. They could call it "Fry Away: Unlikely Adventures with Food."

Anyway, I started thinking about all this when I came across a fried butter booth at the Dixie Classic Fair. (One of two I saw.) Making fried butter at this booth was simple: part of a quarter-pound of butter is impaled on a stick. That's dipped in a frying medium and then dunked in hot oil. After a few minutes of floating around it's fished out, drizzled with caramel sauce, and there you go. The snack cost $4.

I don't know what I had in mind, but this wasn't it. I had hazy visions of whipped butter, flavored and mixed with frying medium. My husband and I carefully carried the fried butter to a place where we could sit down. And then we both stared at it.

Did you ever have your parents make you a sandwich with butter on it? But they didn't really spread the butter, they just put a pat of butter in the bread? And maybe you forgot the butter was there? So you're eating it and suddenly you bite into this chunk of butter? Urgh.

That's all I could think about I contemplated the fried butter, even though my husband reminded me that the butter had been floating around in oil and was certainly melted. Finally he took a bite. As he predicted, the butter was gone, melted into the frying medium.

"Pancakes," he said, wielding a napkin. "It tastes like pancakes with lots of butter."

Gingerly I tried a bite. And he was almost right. Instead of pancakes with butter it tasted like butter with a little bit of pancakes. If you like butter, you'll be thrilled. I like butter but I don't like this much butter. We weren't able to finish it.

Not my favorite, but not my least favorite either -- that would probably be the fried Coca-Cola. It remains to be seen whether the fried butter will get to the State Fair -- and what happened to the chocolate-covered bacon?


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  • misslaurap Oct 15, 2009

    good lord... they need to have a cardiologist on standby at the booth...

  • tbarham Oct 12, 2009

    Paula and her guest mixed butter with cream cheese adn fried it. Does not appeal to me at all.

  • mjeffrey Oct 7, 2009

    what could possible move someone to fry butter

  • Iquana Oct 7, 2009

    Chocolate covered bacon would be good. Fried butter sounds gross.

  • thefensk Oct 7, 2009

    I am convinced hospital administrators come up with this stuff to drum up business.

  • whocares Oct 7, 2009

    In case you are wondering where this idea came from. It came from Paula Deen. As anyone who watches her show knows, her favorite things are butter and mayonaise. She put out a challenge about making fried butter and a lady, I am not sure where she was from, went on her show and showed her how to make it. I like butter but not that much.

  • sickofgolo. Oct 7, 2009

    Gag. All of the fried this or that at the fair is just disgusting. Me - Im sticking with the grilled corn. MmM.