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Fair food apparently has no upper limit on weird

Posted August 3, 2009
Updated August 5, 2009

Every year I hear about some new kind of Fair food... some fried this or broiled that or things combined in weird ways, and I think to myself, "That's it. This cannot possibly get any weirder. We have hit the weird maximum."

And every single year I am wrong, wrong, wrong....

Currently in California the OC Super Fair is running (it's held for almost a month!) and a couple weeks ago the Fair folks out there put out a press release about their food. The deep fried pizza bites I could understand (in fact, I think I saw something like that at the Got to Be NC Festival.) But the Zucchini Weeni?

Yes, it's a hot dog, stuffed inside a zucchini, dipped in batter, and deep fried. And of course you can't have anything like this unless you serve it on a stick. If you're having some trouble envisioning that, Gina Trapani is here to help you out

Care for something a little sweeter? Hey, there's chocolate-covered bacon. It's also frozen, if chocolately isn't enough for you. The pictures are a little nondescript, but here's a nice shot of the Chocolate Covered Bacon booth. (I also liked the sign: "Ask me where to find the chocolate covered bacon!") If you want a preview of how this would taste, your local Fresh Market or Whole Food's may sell a product called Mo's Bacon Bar, which is also chocolate-covered bacon, only mostly chocolate and not frozen.

For pure-dee horrifying it might be tough to beat the Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich. Yes, a Krispy Kreme donut. With chicken in the middle.  After that,  a "pizza cone" sounds positively staid, and thefried meatball on a stick? It's almost normal.

The Fair's approaching fast! I wonder how much of this stuff we'll see while walking along the midway...


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  • ccraven7 Aug 4, 2009

    Is this for real?? As if there were not enough fatty foods already offered at the state fair! Is it a contest to see how horrid food ( if you can call it that)can get each year?? What's next, deep fried baby food, deep fried water, deep fried cotton candy, deep fried taffy ??? the list could go on! This is the reason I have a small meal before I go and the ONLY thing I buy food wise is CANDY FROM THE CANDY SHOPPE...it really reminds me of my childhood...when it was really awesome candy...bit of honey, black cow, sugar babies, sugar daddy, mary janes(my favorite), twisters, squill nut sipper, blow pops,smarties, chic-o-stix, just to name a few! and to deep fry them would be unthinkable! PLEASE do not take my childhood away...no, I am not that old (37) however my memories are and each time I visit the NC state fair, I will only visit the displays, watch people on the rides and visit the CANDY SHOPPE! The candy I buy usually last me 4-5 months. I hide it from myself!

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Aug 4, 2009

    Yum, yum, my favorite - a boston cream donut with custard filling, chocolate frosting...and chicken. Uh...

  • Steve Crisp Aug 4, 2009

    Anything tastes better on a steeeeeeeek.