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Fair pushes 'green' initiatives

Posted October 13, 2008

Green is the theme for the N.C. State Fair which opens on Thursday.

A whole exhibit, Green NC, will highlight steps that fair-goers can take to preserve the environment  – including eating locally-grown foods, recycling and conserving water.

The Green NC exhibit features organizations in the state that are leading environmental research, education and outreach. Fairgoers can get their picture taken with an Indy race car that runs on ethanol.

The green theme extends to fair trash. Four recycling stations will be available across the fairgrounds to handle plastic, glass and paper.

Even the used vegetable oil from food vendors will be processed into biodiesel fuel.


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  • Sarge Oct 15, 2008

    the picture looks like they're making shine!

  • CestLaVie Oct 14, 2008

    Yep - NC's only about 30 years behind in recycling and other green initiatives, technology, and methods. Just goes to show the acceptance of any sort of progressive thinking in this state. It just boggles my mind.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Oct 14, 2008

    The State Fair is going to do what elementary school students have done for decades...recycle. Gee. Ya think?

    And 4 lowly recycle bins for the entire Fair? That's either a publicity stunt, a testament to their misunderstanding of recycling or shows how many things can NOT be recycled there. Why not have a recycle can for every trash can?

    I never understood how so many places could ignore NC's 1997 "can law" that requires everyone to recycle aluminum cans?...since they are so easily recyclable (takes 96% less energy to make a can from a can rather than raw materials).

  • peacecats2 Oct 13, 2008

    Well, it's about time they offered recycling at the State Fair! I can only hope this will extend to the whole fairgrounds (not just 4 recycling stations) and to all events held year round at the fairgrounds (such as the Flea Market.) It's a great first step, even if it is several years late in coming....