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Troubled contractor gets Afghanistan security deal

Posted June 27, 2010

— CIA Director Leon Panetta says the agency has hired Xe Services – the company once known as Blackwater – for a $100 million contract to provide security in Afghanistan.

He said the  Moyock, N.C.-based company underbid others by $26 million and that a CIA review concludes that the contractor has cleaned up its act.

Panetta said Xe does not engage in actual CIA operations but instead helps secure agency bases in war zones. Seven CIA employees, including security contractors, were killed in a suicide bombing in Khost, Afghanistan, in December.

Blackwater guards allegedly opened fire on unarmed civilians in Baghdad in 2007, killing 17 people. A federal grand jury has indicted five Blackwater officials on conspiracy weapons and obstruction of justice charges.


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  • Sherlock Jun 28, 2010

    A zebra can always change it spots.

  • Wolfheel Tarpack Jun 28, 2010

    These guys many of us would not do, without the limited protection and weapons technology that those inside the military possess, leave their families for years at a time and face intense scrutiny and turning of heads when an accident happens. Like our Homeland Security -- they have to be right 100% of the time on many occasions , a terrorist only has to be successful in one attempt. Every team and every company has made mistakes -- theirs just happens to be on the world stage unfortunately. How many reports of their successes have your heard to help put it in perspective? How many reports of violance against them, such as them being shot down and tortured several years ago and left for public viewing? Not saying all is well with the company, but it's a tough job few are willing to do and their successes far outweigh their mistakes.

  • clayt85 Jun 28, 2010

    I'll wait patiently while this turns out to be a terrible idea.

  • JustAGuyInNC Jun 28, 2010

    I guess they're not "troubled" anymore since getting a ~$100M contract with the CIA.