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Tea party activists rally in Raleigh

Posted April 15, 2010

— Several hundred conservative activists gathered outside the state capitol for an anti-tax rally Thursday evening, as millions of U.S. residents rush to meet the April 15 income tax deadline.

Triangle Conservatives Unite issued the public invitation to the Tax Day Tea Party – one of hundreds being held across the state and country – in support of smaller government and power to the people.

Tea Party speakers included Claude E. Pope Jr., chairman of the Wake County Republican Party and several politicians running for Congress from North Carolina.

"The whole idea of a federal system was that the federal government gets a limited amount of power that we bestow on them," activist Greg Brannon said. "It's going backward now."

Brannon and others believe in limited taxes and that each individual, not a large, inefficient government, should decide how much charity to give and to whom.

Meanwhile Thursday, the Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party Express tour wrapped up Thursday morning with a rally at Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C.

Protesters opened their tour nearly three weeks ago with a Nevada rally that drew at least 9,000 and heard from former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, one of the few politicians embraced by the conservative, anti-tax movement.

Palin starred at a tea party gathering of 5,000 in Boston Wednesday but was not at the finale. Radio host Neal Boortz was among the listed speakers.

The tea parties are intended to hark back to 1773, when American colonists upset about British taxation without government representation threw British tea into the harbor in protest – just a mile from the site of Wednesday's rally.

Americans are paying lower taxes this year – Congress cut individuals' federal taxes for this year by about $173 billion – but that is not expected to last.

In the next few years, some increases will come as part of the national health care overhaul.

More than 1,000 tea party rallies were planned Thursday across the U.S., including in Oklahoma, Ohio, Wisconsin, Hawaii and Georgia. Twenty-one were planned in North Carolina, including Charlotte and Wilmington.


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  • NCPictures Apr 16, 2010

    "SOmeone has to pay for that war." ----soyousay

    The war is peanuts compared to what Obama is doing. Have you not been keeping up with the information? That old tired line is long gone. Time for you to wake up and smell the coffee.

  • signothefish Apr 16, 2010

    I can't believe it. I was just listening to Hannity, and there was a man who called in and said he would like to put a sample of 25 tea partiers on a lie detector test and ask, "Would you vote for a black man for president". He bet the majority would say no. PEOPLE STILL DON'T GET IT. The liberals are screaming racism. The conservatives are screaming socialism. I can't help but think this is repeating history, whether in this country or elsewhere. I'll tell you what it's about. It's about stopping big government from taking over. I would vote for a black/white/asian/hispanic/whatever president, as long as they hold to this one principle. THAT'S IT IN A NUTSHELL. Don't add anything to it, or take anything away.

  • whiffleball Apr 16, 2010

    Glad to see Raleigh had the rally again this year.

  • soyousay Apr 16, 2010

    yourk..wonder why jobbs are going over yonder or ..

    You must not be at a suffient level to know and too young to realize this has been going on for decades..

    When your gov't covers your employees health care (yes even in Mexico) its a whole lot easier to compete by taking those skyrocketing costs out of your products

  • soyousay Apr 16, 2010

    your...please enlight us who he borrowed the money from Bill Gates? Basnight...where portion of the private sector leny us alll this money, I want to send a thnk you note. SOmeone has to pay for that war.

  • ykm Apr 16, 2010

    And we have yet to hear the plan that will reduce the deficit and the debt. The only plan we hear is some new expenditure or entitlement. Only they never seem to tell us where the money is coming form. Well it's coming out of the private sector. So if any of you wonder why jobs are going over yonder or unemployment is so high. Now ya know, Obama borrowed the money form the private sector and spent it.

  • soyousay Apr 16, 2010

    Left you logo's not showing...but you really need a decent CPS, unless it came all it once, there are considerable ways not to write the check in April. Haven't done that in years. Frankly I am proud of my ability to support this country- even when I despise the wars its squandered on etc etc, blah balh blah. I and this class called civics civivs, it fell out of fashion evidently decades ago, and is not taught in homeschools, or Texas evidently either. Of whom much is given, much is expected

  • Leftwing Apr 16, 2010

    yourkillingme - yes you are right. We have to pay for all the have nots. Just like in our schools - those that lag behind get the attention, special focus and often free meals. Not the honor roll students (except they actually do get into good state colleges).

  • Leftwing Apr 16, 2010

    soyousay - i am not left. Actually quite conservative. Notice the NHL logo. Leftwing is a position in hockey. Love it for me too !!!

  • soyousay Apr 16, 2010

    Left (sure you are)...Filed and paid additional federal taxes yesterday...see that's just the thing anyone can make up anything and pretend its true..however, if you did do what you said, your bad , fire your CPA, rethink who you did your withholding, make better charitable contributions, tax-free bonds etc...lots of people making considerably north of that and well, we have good CPAs..hate it for you