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N.C. residents race to get inauguration tickets

Posted November 10, 2008
Updated October 12, 2011

— North Carolinians seeking tickets to President-elect Obama's inauguration have been ringing the phones nonstop at the state Democratic Party headquarters and at the offices of U.S. representatives and senators.

"It's been unbelievable, not like anything we've ever seen," said Pam Kohl, in Congressman Brad Miller's office. "We've had hundreds of calls just in the Raleigh office, but we've also been getting calls in Greensboro and the D.C. office, as well."

"I had somebody grab me the other day and me a note," Rep. Bob Etheridge said."(It said), 'I'd like to have a ticket. I said I'll put it with the rest of them."

The interest in Obama's Jan. 20 inauguration has been so intense that Republican Sen. Richard Burr's office has also been flooded with calls.

"I think there's a lot of interest in this state, and I think part of it is for the first time since '76 we've been a blue state," Etheridge said. "They're proud of being a part of turning it that way."

Each U.S. representative and senator, along with the Obama-Biden campaign, will receive a set number of tickets. But it will be December before they find out how many tickets they'll get and to whom they can hand them out.

Since the inauguration is not a Democratic Party event, the state party will not likely receive an allotment of hotel rooms or tickets. 

Those 240,000 tickets will allow closer access to the ceremony on the Mall in front of the Capitol. Members of the public without tickets can attend but might end up as far as a mile away.

Some free VIP tickets will also provide seating.

Most hotels require a four-night minimum stay, with rates ranging from $400-$700 per night for rooms close to the city, according to state party officials.

The Obama Inaugural Committee was expected to send invitations to buy tickets to the official inaugurals balls to their list of volunteers and donors. Tickets usually sell out quickly.

The official balls are held at various locations around the city (those buying tickets are assigned to a ball) and are very crowded.

To request tickets, call Etheridge's offices at 919-829-9122, 1-888-262-6202, 910-814-0335 or 1-888-384-3743; Miller's offices at 919-836-1313 or 336-574-2909; Rep. David Price's offices at 919-688-3004, 919-859-5999 or 919-967-7924; or Burr's offices 336-631-5125 or 1-800-685-8916.


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  • One 4 the Team Nov 17, 2008

    If you can't beat em...join ummm...

  • One 4 the Team Nov 17, 2008

    Grow up people and get over the substidized excusses (which are being used to justify have the living daylight beat out of your party.) Obama was the better candidate face it!

  • dogman1973 Nov 11, 2008

    Hay, will there be a wealth redistribution at this gala in January? Well, I might have to make the journey then! Of course, I will need for the bHo administration to pay for my gas, eats and lodgings!

  • Redneck_Bob Nov 11, 2008

    Thank goodness for cable TV so I won't have to watch or listen to this circus. Instead I will just wait until February when Ringling Bros will be in town.

  • dont_preach Nov 11, 2008

    "It doesn't matter if the candidate is white, black, green or blue. Vote issues".

    76 percent of whites did vote for isssues. Thats why obama is president. If you dont like him 1mom_view then that is your choice and your opinion.

  • dont_preach Nov 11, 2008

    I already have my plans set and ready to go! Im even bringing my kids with me.

  • 1Moms_View Nov 11, 2008

    I wouldn't be in that zoo for anything. People were stupid enough to vote just so they could "make history". That is the reason I heard most people saying they would vote for him. Stupid way to waste a vote. If they wanted to vote for him, make it because of issues, then your vote is important and you appear less ignorant. I can't believe how many young people I heard saying they were voting to get one of their own in there. Equally stupid waste of a vote. It is about issues and if you feel he was the best person. I believe that no matter which way one leans. Voting for a person because they're the same as your skin color or because you want to make history is an ignorant choice. It doesn't matter if the candidate is white, black, green or blue. Vote issues.

  • 1Moms_View Nov 11, 2008

    Let's see..this week Obama had an expensive dinner wearing his so fine clothes at a 4 star restaurant in Chicago on a date with wifey. Maybe he should have spread the wealth instead and spent that $200 feeding some of the poor in Chicago. He could have bought 150 cheeseburgers at McDs and several gallons of milk and fed hungry Welfare kids whose parents blew their welfare and food stamps on drugs instead.
    I detest politicians who are so hypocritical. Then on education, he claims to have a fix for it, yet his own children attend private school and will in DC also. Until he puts his own kids in public school, he's has no business attempting to talk about what he has no clue about.

  • Politically Honest NOT PC Nov 11, 2008

    Inauguration Galas has been held every 4 years, so why is there such a problem now?

    Who said it hasn't been a problem every 4 years?

  • hanley29 Nov 10, 2008

    Never wait for after the election to get tickets. Ask before. I've been before and I've got ticketsd for this one, but I'm not going to use mine and not because I didn't vote for the President elect. It's going to be a mad house! I'll have a better view at home on the big screen and I won't have to stand in line at a port-a-potty when I have to go!