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Michael Hager

Office Held:N.C. House of Representatives
Address:342 Walking Horse Trl.
Phone 1:(828) 748-2378
Phone 2:
Spouse Name:Lynn Hager
Spouse Employer:Belk's Department Store
Spouse Job Title:Clerk
Spouse Nature of business:retail


1. Real Estate: YES

OwnerOwnership InterestCityCounty
Michael D. Hager & Lynn Hager100%Forest CityRutherford
Michael D. Hager & Lynn Hager100%RutherfordtonRutherford

2. Lease or rent to state real estate: NO

3. Sold or bought from state personal property: NO

4. Lease or rent to state personal property: NO

5a. Interests (stock) in publicly owned company: NO

5b. Stock options: NO

6a. Interest in private companies: NO

6b. Other companies owned by private companies in 6a: None

7. Beneficiary of trusts: NO

8. Liability, excluding mortgage on primary residence: YES

DebtorCreditor Type
Lynn HagerOther
Michael D. HagerCommercial Bank

9. Nonprofit corporation affiliations: NO

10. Income:

RecipientSourceIndustryIncome Type
Michael D. HagerNorth CarolinagovernmentSalary
Michael D. HagerJohn Clinc Res. LLCreal estatecontract
Michael D. Hagerreal estate salereal estateprofit from sale
Lynn HagerBelk's Department StoreretailSalary

11. Practicing attorney: NO

12. Consulting services: NO

15. Felony conviction: NO

16. Gifts: NO

17. Scholarships: YES

Scholarship DateDonorEvent DescriptionEstimated Market Value
August 1, 2011ALEC, 1101 Vermont Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20005ALEC conference1000

18. Registered lobbyist: NO

19. Other work:

Name of PersonRelationship to filerCompanyRoleBusiness Activity with the State
Lynn HagerspouseBelk's Department Storeclerknone or not known


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