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Triangle Norway native mourns for her country

Posted July 23, 2011

— A Wake Forest woman from Norway said she is shocked by the violence that unfolded in her native country Friday, when a gunman killed at least 92 people at a youth camp and a massive explosion ripped through an Oslo building that houses the prime minister's office.

Signe Marwede is praying for the people of Norway, she said Saturday.

Marwede was born in the peaceful Scandinavian country and lived there through her college years. She now calls the Triangle home, but has never given up her Norwegian citizenship.

She said Saturday that she's been unable to tear herself away from the computer, where she's been watching Norwegian television over the Internet.

"I'm sad for Norway," she said. Triangle Norway native mourns for tragedies Triangle Norway native mourns for her country

The horrible attacks were a devastating blow, she said, made worse by the fact that the suspect is not a foreigner, but a native Norwegian.

"There's a Norwegian who did this," she said. "One of us (did) it. I think it was a terrible shock."

Marwede said her shock is echoed by her family and friends in Oslo, who are all okay, but trying to find comfort in the words of their king.

"He just said, 'Freedom is stronger than fear.' We have our Norway, (but) as a nation it'll take a long time to work this through," she said.

The country, which awards the Nobel Peace Prize, hasn't seen a violent act of this magnitude since World War II.


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  • soyousay Jul 26, 2011

    Frank---ingnore them---this country mourns with the least the decent ones do...this country is now full of small minded little people with access to the internet and little else. I can only imagine the pain of losing the children at the hands of this man. In Oklahoma City, the home grown terrorist (who has a following here I might add) monstrously called his murder of children collateral damage. If these blogs had existed then, the same ones hailing Norway's monster would have celebrated McVeigh

  • fbell Jul 25, 2011

    l. I am curious what webberx 10l meant by "some people will believe anything"?
    2. Signe was a little girl in Oslo, when the Nazi's invaded Norway, and I know she remembers the fear of these barbarians.
    north Carolina should be happy to have over 50,000 Norwegians,
    or descendents of Norway within a 75 mile radius of Raleigh.
    North arolina has already started initiaitves with Norway, and this will strenghten both Our State, and the Norwegians.
    Frank Bell

  • working for deadbeats Jul 25, 2011


  • webberx101 Jul 25, 2011

    some people will believe anything...