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Zahra's father watches vigil online, denies killing daughter

Posted November 17, 2010

— Adam Baker cried Tuesday night while watching a vigil for his daughter, Zahra Baker, and denied killing the 10-year-old, according to WBTV.

Baker decided to watch the vigil online instead of attending it, he said, because he thought people would make a scene and call him names.

"I didn’t want everybody to take their focus off Zahra," he said.

WBTV reporter Steve Ohnesorge interviewed Baker and his mother, who was at his side for support, as they watched the vigil online and asked Baker if he killed and dismembered his daughter.

"There’s no way in the world that I would ever hurt my daughter," Baker said. "No, there’s no way I could do that to my baby.”

The disabled girl's dismembered remains were found more than a month after she was reported missing.

Baker's mother said she is hurt by the accusations against her son, but said she will continue to support him.

Adam Baker denies killing daughter Adam Baker denies killing daughter

“It’s really hard to listen to people call him murderous and a child abuser, but people don’t know," she said.

Baker thanked the people of Hickory for holding the vigil to mark what would have been Zahra's 11th birthday.

"It meant the world to me," he said.

Baker said he would like to have a normal life again, but doubts that will ever be possible. He'd like to return to Australia and take Zahra's remains with him, he said.

“There’s no possible way to ever fill the hole left by my daughter," he said.

Zahra's remains and the prosthetic leg she needed after an amputation because of her cancer were found at remote sites around Hickory, a town of about 41,000 about 50 miles northwest of Charlotte, last week, according to court documents.

The documents revealed that she was dismembered and police needed her stepmother's help to find the remains because they were in such remote locations.

Zahra’s stepmother, Elisa Baker, faces obstructing justice and 15 lesser charges unrelated to Zahra's disappearance.

Attorneys for Elisa Baker have argued the woman's bond should be lessened because she helped police. Elisa Baker has been in custody since the day after Zahra was reported missing, and she is accused of trying to throw off investigators by writing a fake ransom note for another child.

Adam Baker was also arrested on a host of charges unrelated to the girl's disappearance, but is free on bail.

No one has been charged in Zahra's death, but police have cast doubt on her parents' claims they last saw her alive Oct. 9.


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  • chenliliu3 Nov 18, 2010

    Here is something very disturbing to consider. If you ask any psychological expert or profiler, they will tell you that women just do not dismember people (with the exception of someone who is mentally ill, who may do this). Women just don't do this kind of thing, especially to children - it is always men. So that means that either Adam Baker did this or a male friend of Elisa's. Very sick.

    Not denying her obvious involvement, but as far as the dismembering part - women are just not oriented toward that kind of thing unless they are mentally ill, which she is not. Disturbing thought.

    The one (and only one) thing she may be telling the truth about is that Adam did dismember this child.

    Praying for the little girl to finally have some peace. Horribly sad.

  • joekathyjoekathy Nov 18, 2010

    Bond lowered, NOT a chance. The stepmother is right where she should be until justice runs it course.

  • itsmyownopinion Nov 18, 2010

    They both skipped the hearing.

    No charges yet filed for her murder.

  • Whosays Nov 17, 2010

    It is only a matter of time they will have the forensic evidence they need to find out who did it. So you can deny it all you want, you knew she was being mistreated and did nothing to get her out of there so you are just as guilty if you did not cut her up.

  • redbb44 Nov 17, 2010

    This is such a shame. I don't know who killed her, but she was a very strong & courageous child. Cancer is devastating to anyone, she was a fighter no doubt. Always had a smile on her face. There is no punishment great enough for a crime of this nature. All I can say is she is in a better place. I hope & pray that whoever did this or even knew anything about it, is punished.

  • serious Nov 17, 2010

    princessdukedaisey- haha no, I have been reading comments from wildcat for weeks now in various aritcles and they are all the same! and everyone that comments about it says the same thing you did! lol.

  • princessdukedaisey Nov 17, 2010

    prinessdukedaisey- you may as well not even try to understand wildcat's rants. This is typical of wildcat. Just all over the place. I don't think even he/she knows what he/she is saying.

    LOL.. I was honestly beginning to think it was 2 different people with the same username. It's like opposite post after opposite post... I don't get it!

  • chaotickitty82 Nov 17, 2010

    I'm sure the reason he didn't go is because he's afraid of getting shanked or lynched.....which is very possible.

  • serious Nov 17, 2010

    wildcat why would he attend a vigil "in behalf' of the person he killed and dismembered??? Oh wait, to show how much he cares right?

  • serious Nov 17, 2010

    prinessdukedaisey- you may as well not even try to understand wildcat's rants. This is typical of wildcat. Just all over the place. I don't think even he/she knows what he/she is saying.