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Backlash against NY Post cartoon felt in Durham

Posted February 26, 2009

— The NAACP organized a protest at five North Carolina Fox stations Thursday over a cartoon that ran in the New York Post. Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation owns both the Post and the Fox network.

About a dozen people showed up to protest at WRAZ Fox 50 in Durham. Management there agreed to forward a letter from the NAACP to the Fox network. While WRAZ is a Fox affiliate, the station is locally owned by Capitol Broadcasting and has no ties to the New York Post.

Critics say the newspaper cartoon, which showed police officers shooting a chimpanzee and saying "they'll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill," was racially insensitive.

The national NAACP has urged readers to boycott the New York Post, calling a cartoon that the newspaper published an invitation to assassinate President Barack Obama.

Benjamin Todd Jealous, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, called on the tabloid to remove editor-in-chief Col Allan, as well as longtime cartoonist Sean Delonas.

Earlier this week, the newspaper apologized to anyone who might have been offended by the image printed Wednesday.

On Thursday, after protests by notable figures including director Spike Lee, the paper posted an editorial on its Web site saying the cartoon was meant to mock the federal economic stimulus bill, but "to those who were offended by the image, we apologize."

NAACP officials said that if the Post does not take "serious disciplinary action," they would reach out to organizations across the country to join them in their efforts against the tabloid.

NAACP Chairman Julian Bond called the publication of the cartoon "thoughtlessness taken to the extreme. ... Anyone who is not offended by it does not have any sensitivity."


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  • Junebug Feb 27, 2009

    If I said that Obama has big ears, (which he does) would that be a racist comment? What about if I said he has big lips? (which he doesn't) Maybe since he is just as much white as he is black, I would be making a racist comment about whites? What if the cartoonist were black? Would they're be a backlash? Have you noticed how blacks can make comments about other blacks that, if said by a white person, would be considered racist? In the past ten years, in personal or group conversations, I have probably heard the 'N' word spoken about 100 times. About 97 of those times, the person speaking the word has been black. You know what? I don't like to hear anyone say that word. Have you noticed all the TV commercials lately that show the white person as a bumbling idiot, and the black person as the level headed intelligent one? I have noticed it but I can just not buy their product if I so choose. I don't need some national group of white talking heads to tell me when I should be offended.

  • Junebug Feb 27, 2009

    The NAACP is a trouble making group of racists. Every black person that I know (which is a lot) in which the subject of the NAACP came up, thinks that the NAACP is a joke and that they don't represent most blacks opinions. Black people as a whole are intelligent free thinkers who have realized that their lives are better than that of any other generation of blacks, and they are not seeing a big difference in the way they are treated as opposed to whites, or any other group. They aren't falling for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton's junk any longer. This, being black history month, would be a good time for black people to write a new chapter for the history books about how they rejected the antiquated ideals of the NAACP. It's time to stop shaking people down and start lifting them up.

  • copforlife Feb 27, 2009

    I've seen the cartoon and I'm going to have to side with the NAACP on this one.

  • lbl3373 Feb 27, 2009

    12 people showed up to the protest, what a laugh and a waste of time!

  • Sidekick Feb 27, 2009

    The NAACP just accused the president of being a chimp. This cartoon has been explained ad-neausium (sp?). But the hate organization is attempting to make it more than it is, as usual.

  • kikinc Feb 26, 2009

    The NAACP is a racist organization that needs to be put to rest. There was an article about the rise of enrollement in hate groups posted earlier. I think the NAACP should be included in that tally.

  • jesse56 Feb 26, 2009

    Please explain what jumps out at you, saying this is about Obama and this is racist?
    Seriously, who wrote the stimulus bill?

    Was it Obama? Pelosi? Members of Congress? Harry Reid? Lobbyists?

    Yes, he is inferring a monkey wrote the bill. But, Obama didn’t write the bill. Pelosi did, with the help of members of Congress, and lobbyists. (He was mocking politicians in DC that wrote the bill, much like people called Bush a monkey for eight years!)

    Al Sharpton is the one saying Obama is the monkey, not the cartoonist. I would never have put two and two together and assumed the monkey was supposed to be Obama. Obama didn’t write the stimulus bill.

  • Eightball Feb 26, 2009

    It seems that anything thats not complimentary towards blacks nowdays is seen as racist.

  • robinghrt1215 Feb 26, 2009

    Everyone needs to get ready. This is only the begining. Now that Obama is in office, the media will have to be careful what tactics they take in opposition to him with fear of being called racist. It is amazing how two movies were made about President Bush, one of which he was assasinated in, and yet no one made a big deal about it.

  • exposure102 Feb 26, 2009

    The only way we'll ever move past "racial" America is when these special interest groups stop stirring the pot...which will be never because it's how they make money!