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Rain, rain another day for Triangle

Posted August 26, 2008

— The scattered storms that affected the state Tuesday are expected to continue through the week, WRAL Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel said.

"It's going to be awhile before we have a sunny day around here," he said.

The leftovers of Tropical Storm Fay began drifting into the Triangle Tuesday, bringing clouds and rain, and holding temperatures down. The center of low pressure associated with the system was holding over Chatanooga, Tenn.

Dual Doppler radar showed general movement from southwest to northeast, with the heaviest rain falling in Johnston County at 5:30 p.m. Only .04 of an inch of rain accumulated at Raleigh-Durham International Airport Tuesday, but amounts were much heavier to the west, especially in the foothills, Fishel said.

Some counties are under watches and warnings into the overnight hours.

In western North Carolina the National Weather Service issued a flash flood watch effective until Wednesday morning. In addition to the threat of heavy rain, a tornado watch was in effect until 2 a.m. for the southern Piedmont.

The pattern will continue through Thursday dumping significant rainfall on the central part of the state. Some models show the Triangle could get over an inch of rain in the next few days.

"We may actually see our chances of rain increase through the overnight period," Fishel predicted.

Wednesday will be muggy again with widespread showers and the chance for some thunderstorms. The moisture lingers into Thursday when another round of showers is possible. Rain is just isolated by Friday, Fishel said, and "Saturday could actually be a dry day."


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  • bs101fly Aug 26, 2008

    look out, there's a dry pocket coming north and now the triangle might get sun tomorrow.

    total rain amount from entire system,
    .003 millionths of an INCH!

    What do we have for 'em Johnny??

    A Greg Fishel bobblehead doll???

  • Leonardo Aug 26, 2008

    jsanders - While I agree with some points brought out by the John Locke foundation, I have a hard time believing that people would accept their suggestions.

    For example: "State lawmakers should make provisions to allow water prices to rise when supplies fall, just as the Utilities Commission now allows other utility prices to rise when their input costs rise."

    Truthfully, how realistic is it that the public is going to accept that? People only pay attention when prices go up, so every time there's a drought, people are going to complain about the 'govmint' gouging them, and how it's a "tax increase", bla bla bla.

    Gas taxes were set up this way. As gasoline prices go up, the cost of road construction also goes up. So the legislature set up part of the gas tax to be a straight percentage so that more revenue could be collected to cover increased costs. Yet when prices actually went up, you got bozos like Bill Graham calling it a tax increase. Sorry, but people are too stupid.

  • bs101fly Aug 26, 2008

    doubt it!

  • Southern Fried Yankee Aug 26, 2008

    Is it too early to buy the milk and bread?

  • jsanders Aug 26, 2008

    Even if the drought issue goes away, the issues raised during the drought won't:

  • dsms6556us Aug 26, 2008

    There goes our gas prices again. Gas prices will be climbing back up instead of climbing back down.

  • ghines Aug 26, 2008

    It is really getting old tying oil prices to storms.
    We have to break our dependence on oil...
    Hey that would be a clever campaign platform. Maybe
    even one that could win.
    Nah, big oil and government won't let that happen.

  • fourfivesix Aug 26, 2008

    terrible article title. the triangle is *only* getting showers from the remnants of Faye. it has nothing to do with Gustav, that's way out in the Caribbean.