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Winter Storm Pummels Northeast; Travelers Stuck at RDU

Posted December 16, 2007
Updated December 17, 2007

— A winter storm caused flight delays and cancellations at Raleigh-Durham International Airport Sunday. Officials have asked people to check their flights online before going to the airport.

The National Weather Service posted winter storm warnings from Michigan and Indiana all the way to Maine.

Nearly a foot of snow fell on the Chicago area and 10 inches in parts of Michigan and Vermont. Meteorologists said 18 inches was possible in northern New England and there was a chance of up to 14 inches in parts of Michigan.

There were cancellations and delays for RDU passengers heading into seven airports in the Northeast. Some passengers spent hours waiting at the terminal Sunday.

Among those stuck at RDU were a soccer team from Canada. The Caledon Fireballs came to the Triangle for a three-day tournament.

"The Detroit airport is closed down,” soccer player Nathan Gordon said.

The soccer team needed to get to Detroit to make their way home. The team's flight was canceled due to the winter weather in the Northeast.

"There is not much we can do right now. We can't fight the weather. Mother nature is doing what it does,” soccer player Albert Condotta said.

Condotta said he didn't think his team would be able to fly out Sunday night.

"If we can't find a flight out, it could be till tomorrow morning,” he said.

N.C. State freshman Paul Jackson spent several hours at RDU Sunday waiting for his girlfriend to arrive from New York.

"She originally told me she would be here at 12 o'clock. Then they got delayed until 2, and now it is 6:30, but even that is late," Jackson said.

The storm also canceled hundreds of flights at airports in Chicago, where Midway Airport measured 10 inches of snow Sunday morning. In Maine, most of Portland International Jetport's inbound and outbound flights were canceled, said city Transportation Director Jeff Monroe. Numerous flights were canceled at Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

Slippery roads were blamed for two traffic deaths in Michigan and one in Wisconsin.

More than 100,000 customers were blacked out Sunday in parts of Pennsylvania, utilities reported. Scattered outages caused by heavy snow and freezing rain also were reported in Vermont, state officials said.

The storm came less than a week after an ice storm blamed for at least 38 deaths, mostly in traffic accidents, in the middle of the country. Thousands of homes and business still had no electricity in parts of Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri.


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  • Godless Liberal Dec 17, 2007

    At least the snow came this past weekend instead of the upcoming Holiday weekend. I hope more snow stays away until after New Years.

    [ WHEN IN Carolin>> DO AS THE CAROLINANS DO! ]I would, but my CAPSLOCK is broken.

  • whatelseisnew Dec 17, 2007


    You are embarrassing the potty hole doctors. Whole region overbuilt; k5-k12 schools are pitiful and getting worse; road system that is falling apart; insufficient available water supplies and other infrastructure for the growth that has been allowed to occur. Taxes rising and rising and rising. A state legislature that is sending ever more members to prison and that is only counting the ones that are getting caught. A governor that supports policies of giving bribes to business owners to get them to stay here. He seems to love illegals. Yep sure is a lot to brag about.

  • CestLaVie Dec 17, 2007

    I don't think "travised" was condescending or arrogant. He was just stating facts about what he WAS used to & had to read the article twice to get that the problem was in fact about the destinations and NOT RDU.

    Maybe, in fact, y'all were too quick to jump on him because you knew he was a yankee. Get over it.

    I came from the north too, but I've lived here now for OVER 40 years, and I see this same attitude over & over again. I felt it, immensely, when I first came here too. So much for "southern hospitality"!!

    Also, at least Travised's comments were relative to the story; angora & grateful: you were merely attacking him.

  • lornadoone Dec 17, 2007

    Hmm. I flew down from NY yesterday without a hitch. I was certain my flight would at least be delayed, if not canceled, because it has been one or the other every single time I've flown to/from there. No complaints here.

  • lynddsy Dec 17, 2007

    travised-i came from the snow belt and know first hand what it's like up there. yes these people are used to it but, it is still a pain when there is no electricity. as for n.c., i have seen ice so bad here that i don't think i've ever seen up there. we may not get much snow but, ice is alot worse.

  • redneckdiva Dec 17, 2007

    I long to see a good Christmas snow for North Carolina! Anyone else???? No ice just the snow. It has been a while since we have had a great deal of snow. Hope it's coming soon!!!

  • gratefultoGOD Dec 16, 2007

    Travised: You ARE a bit arrogant. We HAVE had "double digit" snow here.. and may this year or years to come. We're NOT dumb... dun! RDU has one of the highest PHD's per capita.. we have DUKE< WAKE FOREST < ECU< NCSU< UNC>> on and on.. good schools... that Yankees come here for... buy our land, love our weather.. southern hospility.. DON"T like it LEAVE.. We DON"T like rude comments.. it's not good manners! WHEN IN ROME DO AS TEH ROMANS DO>> WELL>>> WHEN IN Carolin>> DO AS THE CAROLINANS DO! Good rule to live by.. if you want to stay!

  • angora2 Dec 16, 2007

    Travised: Stop the condescension. If you moved here from the "snow belt," as you call it, which makes you so wise, why don't you just go back there instead of posting comments like yours? You wonder why some people don't welcome your ilk with open arms? Read your comment from another point of view.

  • gratefultoGOD Dec 16, 2007

    Time to spare .. go by air!

  • Travised Dec 16, 2007

    IAH (Texas) had delays as well the other night on multiple flights. I had to double read the article to make sure I didn't miss anything. I was going to say if RDU was getting hit with double digits of snow I'd be laughing to see a dose of the north hit you. Growing up in the snowbelt area that is normal for me. It's just the destinations that have issues (with their weather conditons), not at RDU for cause of flight delay.

    Thats reality when we have nor'easters blowing through like this.