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CBS Radio to Imus: You're Gone

Posted April 12, 2007

— CBS Radio said Thursday that controversial talk-show jock Don Imus is being fired from his morning program on the network.

"From the outset, I believe all of us have been deeply upset and revulsed by the statements that were made on our air about the young women who represented Rutgers University in the NCAA Women's Basketball Championship with such class, energy and talent," said CBS President and Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves.

"Those who have spoken with us the last few days represent people of goodwill from all segments of our society - all races, economic groups, men and women alike. ... There has been much discussion of the effect language like this has on our young
people, particularly young women of color trying to make their way in
this society," Moonves said.

Imus in the Morning was carried on 61 stations across the United States and distributed over the Westwood One radio network.

MSNBC had simulcast the radio show on its TV network and had decided to drop the show earlier this week.


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  • This_way_2_common_sense Apr 13, 2007

    Lets all youtube for Jesse and Al to appalogize for the nasty things they said about the Duke la'crosse players... I just dont get it... Kramer has a racist tear and two days later Jackson is on TV asking all black people to forgive him... Imus made his remarks, and Jesse protests until he gets fired.. I just dont think the racism should be tolerated by any of us in the media, for a country still very tender to its racist past it does'nt send the right message.

  • This_way_2_common_sense Apr 13, 2007

    First of all I would like to say that I agree with most of the other posts here, in reference to Jesse Jackson and Al sharpton... I mean who made them national spokesmen for all black people?? As an african american I do come across racism on a daily basis, just like I'm sure mexican people do, or white people... My opinion is as long as we allow people to separate us into catagories, they will continue to do so... I just want people to realize there are good and bad people from all races and cultures in existence. We should all put as much effort and consideration into judging people by the way they treat us and conduct themselves as we do into comments made by someone like Imus.

  • Shir Will Apr 13, 2007

    I'm just wondering about the other guy who was commentating with Imus. It seems to me that he made the first comment about the players being "hos." Why isn't anyone calling for his resignation as well?

  • winchester73 Apr 12, 2007

    I suppose Sharpton will apologize to the Duke lacrosse players now?

  • OD Norwood Apr 12, 2007

    Well, what took so long.

  • I love America Apr 12, 2007

    What does CBS President and Chief Executive Officer Leslie Moonves mean by "particularly young women of color..." That is a racist statement. I can't believe I'm reading this! "Those colored people" is appropriate and acceptable... I think Leslie needs to be fired for the racist comments made in the explanation.

  • NC-writer Apr 12, 2007

    I absolutely loathe Don Imus and all of the other self-absorbed, conceited, inflammatory, insensitive, bullheaded, moronic talking heads just like him...but regardless of how stupid his comments were, they were just that--stupid. One of the players actually said she was "scarred for life" by what he said. Come ON. What happened to "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me?" I'm not sorry Don Imus was fired--one less cretin on the air--but this whole thing was completely blown out of proportion, and definitely smacks of reverse racism by PC suits who are terrified of losing ad revenue if they don't make a statement by firing the guy.

  • Iseeu Apr 12, 2007

    Now it's your turn call him a name or get him fired
    This is so childish

  • fair-play2 Apr 12, 2007

    After living with racism for 50 years with no justice, this a small victory for mankind. Without a Al or Jesse some people would think they could say anything without consequences.

  • methinkthis Apr 12, 2007

    I don't think I have ever heard Imus but this situation is another example of world gone wrong.
    "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." When there is a lack of grace and forgiveness there is continual conflict. It is interesting that the professional whiners Jackson and Sharpton have had their share of miscues but they are always first to condemn. Who pays for these guys? Firing Imus does nothing for any real or perceived racial issues. Let's hear it for all those who wanted Imus fired who are also calling for the firing and boycott of rap and other singers who spew the same stuff in front of big crowds for big $$.
    The law of sowing and reaping will work here also. Where no forgiveness is given none will be granted. Watch your step, you could be next.