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'Occupy Raleigh' protesters plan to visit state Capitol

Posted October 9, 2011
Updated October 10, 2011

— About 200 people from across the state gathered at Moore Square in Raleigh Sunday to prepare for a planned protest at the state Capitol building next weekend.

Organizers, who are calling the demonstration "Occupy Raleigh" in solidarity with similar protests on Wall Street, say it's time for the American people to say "no more" to corporate greed and to put pressure on lawmakers to create policies that redistribute power from the wealthiest one percent of people to the 99 percent majority.

"The power needs to go back to the 99 percent of those who are actually working really hard and struggling," said Nicole Belmo, of Wake Forest.

Karen Holliman, of Durham, said policy makers are funneling money to the wrong places.

"They're giving the money to corporations to create jobs and I see corporations holding on to the money and not creating jobs," Holliman said.

Rep. Bill Faison, a Democrat who serves Orange County, said state leaders are getting the message.

"That the folks out here are talking about is, at its core, the problems in our economy," he said. 

Organizer Mike Gould said the protests will have to reach lawmakers like Faison if they are going to be successful.

"Politics got us into this mess," he said. "Good, servant-leader politicians need to get us out of this mess."

The Wall Street protests, which began Sept. 17, have led to the arrest of more than 700 people. 


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  • SARCASTICLES Oct 11, 2011

    Privatized Profit + Socialized Debt = Capitalism. (You can help yourself, but don't take too much.....unless you're rich, of course.) ;)

  • doubletap357 Oct 11, 2011

    These Protest can't be sustained forever. They have had enough time to make whatever point that they wanted to make. After a certain point people will just become used to them being there and ignore them. They should go home now. If they continue on they will eventually have to resort to violence in order to get the attention they feel they need. If they resort to violence it will only alienate them and damage their cause even further.

  • storchheim Oct 11, 2011

    corgimom, yesterday at 8:40, you told my story. Thank you. There are far too many of us in that boat, and after years of having supported those who never wanted to work in the first place, there's no money left for those who deserve it in hard times.

  • barbtries Oct 11, 2011

    "For the last 30 years the wealthiest 1% has been redistributing middle class wealth to their pockets. Right wingers call this capitalism. Yet, when the middle class demands fair wages for their work, right wingers call it socialism. I for one am tired of working to enrich people who already have more than they need." See you in Raleigh on 10-15-11

  • kermit60 Oct 11, 2011

    I hope obama is happy with putting the rich against the poor. Sort of like Hitler with the german people and the jews. Blame the governments mistakes on a select few and convince the majority it was their fault.

  • truth9806 Oct 11, 2011

    They are the "I want what you have" group. Hope it rains on them!

  • robertbsmith1 Oct 11, 2011

  • Clover Oct 10, 2011

    Behold! The real left!


    That's an excellent link and here's another:

  • Clover Oct 10, 2011

    Why is anybody elses income your business? Work harder to close the gap between you and CEO's if you don't like it.


    His comment is a bit ironic, considering the hyper-partisan nature of many of the protestors. Oh, and many are clearly Socialists AND some are even Communists.

    How do I know? I've heard audio and seen video of them admitting to as much.

    Many of these people are anti-Capitalist goons who apparently do not understand how bad it will be for them, if we dismantle our free market system, something that many are demanding.

  • streetfightinman Oct 10, 2011

    Who bailed wall street out" BARRY OBAMA" with your money, tax cheat geitner"s friends. Protest obama the one you voted for!