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Raleigh mayor says he'll follow up on internal police probe

Posted May 9, 2011

— Raleigh's mayor said Monday that he plans to follow up on an internal investigation into officer misconduct within the Raleigh Police Department after an officer at the center of the probe says he hasn't heard from investigators in more than three months.

Police Chief Harry Dolan confirmed in February that the department's Internal Affairs Unit was nearing completion on a a comprehensive investigation into a 2009 police officer complaint that, sources said, had to do with officers having sex with a prostitute.

At least one officer resigned, and, sources say, three others from the department’s Southeast District Substation, including Sgt. Rick Armstrong, were placed on paid administrative leave.

Armstrong, who is the president of the Raleigh Police Protective Association, a professional association that represents the interests of police officers, said Monday that he is still on administrative leave and that he hasn't heard from anyone since he was notified about the investigation and was put on leave.

He said the allegation against him is false.

"While the salaries are a factor, the main thing is these officers shouldn't have to live under a cloud like this," Meeker said. "Either they should be exonerated or, if not, (be allowed to) move on with their lives, and that's the reason the investigation should be brought to an end."

No results yet in Raleigh police probe No results yet in Raleigh police probe

Raleigh police did not have a comment on the case, but in a statement in February, Dolan said the investigation found "possible administrative violations" stemming from "a small number of officers and non-departmental individuals." Appropriate decisions would be made based on the investigation's findings, he said.

"This investigation has been going on too long. I think there has been an effort to try and find wrongdoing by Rick Armstrong," said Chip Roth, a spokesman for Teamster Local 391 and the assigned representative for Raleigh police. "The fact that it has been going on for 13 weeks indicates to me that they simply haven't been able to find that."


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  • bosshog May 9, 2011

    Glad to see that WRAL is exposing Raleigh's police chief and internal affairs unit for the unprofessional manner in how they have handled this entire investigation...at least the Mayor of our City cares about how this is affecting those officer's.

  • Duke _Nukem May 9, 2011

    I agree with coolwill43. I have the utmost respect for the police but the RPD is a very corrupt police department.-Irishiii

    This is very laughable. PLeae give me one REAL incident of RPD corruption. Not what you heard from a person, that heard from a person, who saw something that looked like....

    They have had officers that have made mistakes (like every agaency) and paid for it with their careers and rightfully so. But they are not corrupt.

  • working for deadbeats May 9, 2011

    "Chief Dolan would follow up one on one with us, Chief Dolan will not even talk to us."

    So which is it? And what proof to you have that RPD is a "very" currpt dept?

  • working for deadbeats May 9, 2011

    The case must not be that important if he's left hanging for 3+ months with no word. There's a lot more to this story that wral didn't bother to find out or won't report it.

  • NCSUPackfan May 9, 2011

    I agree with coolwill43. I have the utmost respect for the police but the RPD is a very corrupt police department. They allow to much outside work which influences too much favoritism in the community. If you know an officer, you are on your way, otherwise, you might have a nasty night.

    That might be another reason the RPD is so slow to act on non-violent issues; because they want to give violators benefits of the doubt to stop their activity.

    My primary concerns have always been with homeless people committing small crimes. I live downtown, and Chief Perlov took issues with a sense of urgency. Chief Dolan is very lax. Chief Dolan would follow up one on one with us, Chief Dolan will not even talk to us.

  • coolwill43 May 9, 2011

    How about letting the fed investigate not internal people like any official of that city absolutely not the SBI or DA.