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Embezzlement from Garner fire department results in prison time

Posted March 28, 2011

— A former employee of the Garner Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department pleaded guilty Monday to taking nearly $400,000 from the department.

Amy McKinley Moore, 43, of 6821 Stevens Oaks Drive in Garner, pleaded guilty to obtaining property by false pretense in excess of $100,000. She was sentenced to 44 to 62 months in prison.

An outside audit discovered money missing from the fire department in January 2010. Town officials asked the State Bureau of Investigation to look into the discrepancy, and agents found that Moore wrote hundreds of checks to herself over a seven-year period.

She worked for the department for a decade as the administrative assistant who handled the fire department's books, and she abruptly resigned as the SBI launched its investigation. Her husband, David Moore, is a detective with the Raleigh Police Department.

Amy Moore paid $39,733 in restitution to the fire department during her court hearing Monday. Prosecutors said the department plans to sue her to obtain the rest of the stolen money, which amounts to $342,466.

Although the majority of the fire department's funding comes from Garner and Wake County, the department is operated as a nonprofit organization and run by an independent board of directors.

The board last year took steps to shore up internal controls over the department's finances, including reviewing all canceled checks at each monthly meeting. Also, bookkeeping for the department was turned over to the outside company that conducted the annual audits, and a new internal auditor was brought in.

Under the terms of the fire department's latest contract with Garner, the town appoints three members of the department’s six-member board. The board also makes quarterly reports to the Town Council and conducts more frequent audits.


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  • dmccall Mar 29, 2011

    She looks EXACTLY like she did in high school. wow

  • mpsoldier1985 Mar 29, 2011

    He is a good detective...lol

  • dryjr Mar 29, 2011

    The husband should lose his job.

  • Paladin2 Mar 28, 2011

    May'be WRAL could also identify other family members, her hairdresser, other relatives, associates, and any other insignificant trivia.

  • hellorhighwaters Mar 28, 2011

    Me too....djofraleigh.....no way he didn't suspect something, and then confronted his wife with it. Him being a police officer, (it would have been like a baby with a lollipop.) He would not have been able to resist the temptation of playing detective. Wife or not.

    Bet she had all her bills paid up and in advance. Probably drove a new car or SUV. Never talked about ever being short of money for no reason. Probably donated to anything and everything that came through the office.

    No way her husband didn't know something funny was going on, or maybe he (like some of her other co-workers) was in denial.
    "She's been with the company 10 years, she wouldn't do that".

    But she did do that; and for a lot of years. Smiling and greeting everyone every morning, for 10 years.

    And it took someone from the outside to figure it out, and connect the dots. Or the dots were already found, but they did not want to be the ones to bust her out; especially given what her husband's occupation was.

  • IzzMad2016 Mar 28, 2011

    "Superman.....Enough of the Garner bashing for one day..

    Being a Cary resident I feel your pain. I try to rise above whenever possible but some days it's hard to ignore the hate and petty comments.

  • djofraleigh Mar 28, 2011

    why don't they go after the assets, adn how did her husband not know where the extra half million was coming from? I smell something rotten here.

  • jdupree Mar 28, 2011

    The prison sentance is way too easy. For this little time, 100% restitution should have been made. She should have been tried on each check as a separate count and received consecutive sentances, which would have totaled way more time and would have given the Town more leverage for restitution. As is they may not collect any more than their insurance.

  • woodrowboyd2 Mar 28, 2011


  • RB-003 Mar 28, 2011

    "She was sentenced to 44 to 62 months in prison."

    For $400,000? That's a joke.

    Who was suppose to be second-checking her? She couldn't be (or shouldn't have been) signing all those checks herself, right?

    And her husband is a Raleigh detective? Great!?!