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Sources: Ex-trooper had pattern of misconduct

Posted June 10, 2010

— A former North Carolina State Highway Patrol trooper exhibited a pattern of sexual misconduct while on duty, sources told WRAL News.

Larry B. Lovick, 31, resigned Monday, the same day that Highway Patrol Col. Randy Glover requested a state investigation into Lovick's conduct.

In a letter to State Bureau of Investigation Director Robin Pendergraft, Glover said someone notified the patrol that a trooper "engaged in an inappropriate and unlawful conduct during a traffic stop on May 24." A preliminary investigation by the patrol and Raleigh police identified the trooper as Lovick.

Sources told WRAL News that Lovick put a young woman suspected of underage drinking in his patrol car and that the woman claimed that he convinced her to remove her top, handcuffed her, exposed himself and later drove her around in his patrol car.

WRAL News has learned of several women who tell similar, disturbing stories. Each alleges that, during a traffic stop, Lovick ordered them into his car and exposed himself. The accusations span a year’s time.

"We're working closely with the SBI on this, and we'll work with them on any information we receive from the public," Highway Patrol spokesman Maj. Everett Clendenin said.

Highway Patrol cruiser generic Sources: Ex-trooper had pattern of sexual misconduct

Lovick, who had been with the Highway Patrol since June 2004 and was assigned to Troop C in Wake County, said Wednesday he has "been done wrong," but he declined to comment on specific allegations.

He said he resigned because he thought he was about to be fired, and he wanted to protect his wife and children from the accusations.

"What's unfortunate about it is that small percentage – that half of 1 percent – cause us to have to get in front of the TV camera and try to justify what the others are doing," Clendenin said. "It's unfortunate. It's an embarrassment to this organization."

A series of misconduct cases involving troopers has rocked the Highway Patrol's image over the past several years.

A number of troopers and officers have been disciplined or fired for offenses that included profiling young women for traffic stops, drunken driving, animal abuse and having sex on duty.

“I hold our troopers to the highest standards, and I have zero tolerance for anything less," Glover said in a statement Thursday. "We will continue to work hard to maintain the public’s trust.”


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  • sunneyone Jun 16, 2010

    SHP cars don't all have cameras? But they have laptops?

    LoveSomeGolo, a McDonalds counter worker and a trooper are two different things. One only has the power to deny you chicken nuggets. The other can arrest you and make your life full of problems if he/she so chose.

    And I understand giving someone the benefit of the doubt, but this was multiple complaints from multiple women with similar stories. That's not a good sign for him.

  • wakeconative4ever Jun 15, 2010

    leo-nc, my thoughts on all of this might be a little overboard, but quite frankly, i am sick of it all....and I do have more than a clue as to what the highway patrol does.....i live with what y'all do everyday of my life....and have for the past 12 years....i respect the men and women of the patrol, but i despise the "do as I say not as I do" mentality of upper management....my life would be MUCH better if they would just disband

  • leo-nc Jun 11, 2010

    Garrettsmom, go a little overboard why don't you. Do you have any clue as to what the highway patrol REALLY does? I mean, all of the different aspects? If you did, then you might change your mind but according to the simpleton's we're just the revenue man. pfft

  • wakeconative4ever Jun 11, 2010

    This story sickens me....i really hope if he did these things that he is locked up for a long time....i do want people to know that the reason new, young troopers do these sorts of things (womanizing in particular) is because the older troopers taught them well....everyone thinks these things have just started, but it has always been that way....troopers are known for that....and the top dog shouldn't tell the puppies not to play when he has done the same....i think it is time to disband the highway patrol, settle with the members, and move on....allow local deputies and cops to handle everything

  • Whatever Geez Jun 11, 2010

    Journey...congrats for letting us know this useless piece of information because otherwise we wouldn't have gotten it from the story listed above. And yes, I feel so much safer.

  • Journey985 Jun 11, 2010

    Wow, guess LoveSOmeGolo can't take the truth, or was it being called out for ranting like a school girl? Either way the fact of the story is, we have another dirty scum sucking slimeball of a LEO off the streets, and the women of this state will be safer knowing he is no longer able to abuse his power. PEACE!!!

  • Tarheelfan13 Jun 11, 2010

    Military training is more physical and it is more stressful and military training also is about mind games. It is like I said the HP is more academic but the military training is a constant 24/7 experience. I find it ironic you talk about the HP getting up at the crack of dawn to do physical training when the military does the same besides maybe having to get up way before dawn to go on marches!

  • Whatever Geez Jun 11, 2010

    Its different on all different kind of levels...I may do well at military bootcamp b/c its more physical but then again I may drop out of the highway patrol school b/c of the physical and very stressful learning environment that you deal with at the same time. I know I wouldnt be able to get up at teh crack of dawn do all the physical parts of highway patrol school then have to study 5 chapters and learn 100 laws in one day....Who knows...I havent been through both so I really can't say; I know both are hard and kudos for those who have passed it and moved on up in their careers.

  • Tarheelfan13 Jun 11, 2010

    Made an error in previous post. I meant to say police academies and not military academies.

  • Whatever Geez Jun 11, 2010

    Journey...the only thing you EVER say about these types stories is what is already written in the article so YOU let me know if you EVER have anything else to say besides what we have already read. BOOM