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Wanted Alamance woman surrenders after seeing herself on WRAL

Posted March 26, 2012

— An Alamance County woman surrendered to authorities after seeing herself on a WRAL Investigates story about wanted probation violators on Facebook.

Lesley Jo Hunt, 21, contacted WRAL News after the story ran on Feb. 13 and said she wanted to turn herself in. She had two outstanding arrest warrants for violating her probation on an old theft charge and a separate break-in case.

“I want it all to stop. I want to take care of my son. I want to do what’s best for him,” she said.

Hunt was one of many wanted, local people WRAL News found living their lives out in the open on Facebook. She never ran from authorities, she said, but she did hide when officers searched her home. She was pregnant at the time and has since been afraid to leave her son, Joseph, she said.

“(I’m) nervous and scared, and I don’t want to leave him. And I’m just scared how I’m going to feel without him,” she said.

Hunt’s bond was set at $10,000, and she has been in jail since March 5. At a court hearing last week, her bond was not lowered.

Hunt’s situation has been made worse because she failed to show up for past court dates and meetings with probation officers. She doesn’t have a violent past, but her convictions include stealing DVDs from a family member, breaking into a mobile home she said she thought was vacant and shoplifting a pregnancy test with a friend.

Hunt said she was stealing to buy drugs. She began using marijuana at age 14 and cocaine at 16, she said, but stopped when she became pregnant. She began abusing over-the-counter medication after having her son, she said, and entered a drug treatment program after seeing the WRAL Investigates story.

Lesley Jo Hunt Wanted woman surrenders after seeing WRAL story

“(I want to be) a great mother. My mother says she is proud of me, and I haven’t been a great daughter to my mother,” Hunt said.

Nearly 10,000 North Carolinians are wanted for violating their probation. Probation officers have lowered the number of absconders in North Carolina the past several years, but they say the chase is still time-consuming.


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  • barryc46 Mar 30, 2012

    First off I would like to say there sure seems to be a few people commenting that must think they are God to just judge her the way you are. Second she is NOT on welfare. She also never missed an appointment with her probation officer she missed a court date due to the fact her probation officer scheduled a visit at the same time. Making Lesley think that she was to attend court the following day, the probation officer did not schedule another visit due to the fact she advised Lesley she would be violating her AND Lesley did go to court the following day and was advised by the DA that she had missed her court date, her probation officer was NOT in attendance . Yes she made a mistake she panicked and chose to do the wrong thing. She has 1 baby she takes care of him, her boyfriend has a good job and is able to provide for them. There is more to this story Ms Carlson did not air. These are the facts they are true I am her MOTHER. @itsthewhowhat, you know what they say when you ASSUME?

  • Its the who what Mar 27, 2012

    No she needs to do her time just like anybody else! At least that's what you would say if she was somebody else. If she had cornrows, tatoos and a permanent tan, NOBODY would be talking about rehabilitation. You would talk about how welfare enables people to stay at home and commit crime. Wake up people, THIS is what welfare looks like, not what you ASSUME whenever others commit crime. In one page of comments, this girl should pardoned, bond reduced and probation. Read some other so called non violent crimes and see if they say the same thing. If this drug addict who steals and makes babies deserves probation then ALL of them should!!!

  • saywhaaaaat Mar 27, 2012

    Exactly! Not my real name....Maybe this will be an eye opener for her. Now like you said there ARE bigger fish to fry...the court needs to go find them now and get them off the streets.

  • motorboater342 Mar 27, 2012

    but she hasnt shown up for previous court appearances and meetings with her PO. sucks she has a kid mixed up in this, but the only one to blame is herself.

  • lisa4 Mar 27, 2012

    Well said not my real name. I agree 100%!!!!

  • Rebelyell55 Mar 27, 2012

    She turned herself in, so don't really see her as a flight risk, they should lower the bond.

  • charmcclainlovesdogs2 Mar 27, 2012

    abusing OTC drugs AFTER her son was born, right up till she saw the story.
    dilly dally

    She did wrong as well as many of us on the board. None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes everyday. If Jesus can forgive her, we should be able to do the same. We would want that for ourselves if we have done wrong. Instead of critizing her, how about saying a prayer for her.

  • dwntwnboy Mar 27, 2012

    She only turned herself in to do the "right thing" AFTER she was on TV. She wouldn't have done a thing if there weren't cameras involved. She would still be hiding from the law and avoiding her punishment. Is WRAL going to have to find the other 9,999 of them for the state as well?

  • not my real name Mar 27, 2012

    Geeeze, give her probation and get on with it. There are bigger fish to fry folks. Find the ones that commit VIOLENT crimes and get them locked up.

  • Glass Half Full Mar 27, 2012

    I hope after she gets out of jail she continues to persure some kind of treatment since she still has active addiction issues. She's going to need that in order to stay off drugs and be a good mom to her baby. She's doing the right thing - no one said it'd be easy. I wish her the best for a brighter future.