Degenhard family statement

On behalf of our son, Santino “Sonny” Degenhard, Rachel and I would like to say that we are heartbroken and disappointed with the Assistant Attorney General’s choice to leave our son’s death go unpunished. They have walked away from their duty to preserve justice for those who cannot speak for themselves, like our 4 month old son who was killed in an Army day care. Their conclusion to take NO action against those responsible for the death of our son, goes directly against the priorities that we have been ushering since last March; the enhanced safety and well-being of defenseless children and the truth of what happened and what continues to happen.

Rachel and I wonder if it was their child, would they come to the same cowardice conclusion that they have “no case.” We were promised justice and help from the beginning of this all, only to be completely let down by a very heartless decision. Combining the Assistant Attorney General’s lack of action with Fort Bragg’s statement that telling the community what happened to Sonny would be “counter-productive,” to the safety of all our children; you can see how Rachel and I have been nothing but discouraged by the Army and the US Government. Rachel and I have a combined 29 years of active duty service and our son was 100% dependent on the Army day care system and this is how they protect us.

How is there NO conflict of interest in US Attorney General’s capability to make a decision like this coupled with his responsibility to defend the Government if there is a civil case brought to suit? We have engaged Congresswoman Ellmer’s Office for help in making sure that the correct moral, ethical, and legal decision has been made by the US Government.

Sincerely brokenhearted,

Jason and Rachel Degenhard