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Teens accused of beating, robbing woman face more charges

Posted August 12, 2011

— Two Spring Lake teens accused of beating a 75-year-old woman and stealing her car on Saturday face more charges and higher bonds.

Investigators say Samuel Lorenzo Davis, 17, of 1016 Karen Circle, and Fulton Lavelle Covington, 16, of 310 Scarborough St., approached May Taylor as she tended her birdfeeders in the backyard of her home in the 200 block of Scarborough Street.

Davis told the woman he was looking for his dog, according to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s office. When she turned to point in the direction of where she had seen a dog earlier in the day, Covington hit her on the back of the head with a brick, authorities said.

After Taylor fell to the ground, Covington continued to kick and beat her, demanding that she give him her car keys, authorities said. She told the teens her keys were inside her residence on the kitchen counter.

The two left the house with Taylor’s car and drove around with friends until Fayetteville police stopped the vehicle at a nearby fast-food restaurant, authorities said.

Davis and Covington were initially charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy and larceny of a motor vehicle. They were being held under $100,000 bonds in the Cumberland County Detention Center on Monday.

May Taylor Elderly Spring Lake woman beaten, robbed

On Friday, sheriff's officials announced that Davis' bond was increased to $125,000 and Covington's was raised to $115,000. They remain in the Cumberland County Detention Center awaiting trial.

Davis faces additional charges of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury. Covington faces additional charges of felony breaking and entering, felony larceny and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Taylor was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, where she was treated for a head wound.

"I have a bruise up here on my head, and I was kicked all over and beaten on the ground," she said. 


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  • fl2nc2ca2md2nc Aug 15, 2011

    None of my comments made it through last Friday because I dared use a proper definition of these two:

    5. an inhuman person; brutish or beastlike person: She married an animal.

    I suppose this won't make it through either. PC gone awry on WRAL...

  • james27613 Aug 12, 2011

    I would ask these young men what would the do to me if
    I hit their mother in the head with a brick and kicked her
    while she was down in the dirt. Would not take long for one or
    both to jump up and try to tear me apart, right?

    I hope they turn around if convicted and get their heads straight.

    Otherwise they will end up like Messrs. Atwater and Lovette, Jr.

  • Tired of thoughtlessness Aug 12, 2011

    Wow..wth is wrong with these people????

  • rickryan86 Aug 12, 2011

    i say......get a rope and deal with it,,,,,,now......makem pay...they have no respect for anyone

  • ufcx3 Aug 12, 2011

    poor lady. makes me mad. that's someones mother & grandmother!
    WRAL is NOT ready to hear whats on my mind! its people like that, that makes others look bad. & that's the cold heart truth.

  • censorbait Aug 12, 2011

    They just dealt with several dozen wild dog packs roaming the Fayetteville area. Looks like they missed some. Such feral critters would be easy to catch. Just get an elderly person to walk around the hood carrying a pocketbook and minding their own business and it would work just like the bait car show on TV. They would pounce upon the undercover granny in no time at all. It would work in all cites. Maybe this could be the inspiration for a new crime reality show. WRAL ought to produce it. Capital Broadcasting could add to their coffers big time.

  • Rebelyell55 Aug 12, 2011

    The up grade in charges will make sure they are tried as adults. If only the sentence would fit the crime for once.

  • working for deadbeats Aug 12, 2011

    It would be a hate crime field day if it was the other way around. This is why I don't help strangers or talk to door to door salesmen.

  • tarheelvending Aug 12, 2011

    Absolutely no respect for anyone. I wish there was a way to keep this scum off the streets forever, but they'll probably be back out soon. Hopefully next time they will pick on someone who will be able to serve swift and certain justice.

  • Dido Aug 12, 2011

    Despicable! Bad enough they rob an elderly woman, but to beat her as well?