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Suspect in Fayetteville woman's death 'a monster,' family says

Posted August 10, 2011

— Family members of a missing Fayetteville woman whose remains were likely found Tuesday are calling the man charged with her death a monster.

Police have charged Terry Dale Robinson Jr., 44, of Fayetteville, with first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping in the death of Erica Cherie Gainey, 24, who was last seen June 28 leaving her home with Robinson.

Investigators are awaiting a positive identification of the remains, which were found in an SUV behind a community building near Saint Pauls in Robeson County.

Meanwhile Wednesday, Robinson stared blankly as he appeared before a district court judge, who appointed him a public defender and set his next court date for Aug. 30.

Gainey's parents, aunts, uncles and great-grandparents were also there.

"He has no remorse, no remorse whatsoever," Gainey's aunt, Cassondra Alston, said. "How could a human being feel that way? … It's sad. He needs justice."

Investigators haven't provided many details about the case, but a man who says he was friends with Robinson told WRAL News that Robinson approached him over the weekend and asked him to help dispose of the remains.

The man, who didn't want to be identified, said Robinson told him that he had initially buried the remains but got scared. The man didn't believe Robinson, he said, until Robinson opened the SUV and he saw dismembered remains in a duffel bag.

Gainey's family says the gruesome details are unfathomable.

"You don't even do animals like that," her father, Travis McEachern, said. "She's somebody's daughter, somebody's aunt, somebody's granddaughter. You don't do nobody like that. She doesn't deserve that."

Terry Robinson Suspect in woman's death 'a monster,' family says

Gainey's mother, Dawn Kime, says Robinson had been her daughter's landlord for several years.

Investigators have said that Robinson was spotted buying bleach and mothballs at a Family Dollar store in Harrells about seven hours after Gainey was last seen. He was driving her white Hyundai Elantra.

"I have hatred in my heart for this man, for what he did to my niece," Alston said. "She had a 6-year-old at home, waiting for her to come home. She can’t even view her mother’s body. What are we going to tell her? We have no answers."

Gainey would have been 25 next Friday. McEachern said they are still planning a cookout in her honor, as well as a memorial next Saturday.

"We’re going to still celebrate Erica every day as though she’s here," McEachern said. "Every morning, he's going to wake up knowing we’re still celebrating Erica."


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  • bilge53 Aug 11, 2011

    This type of person has no respect for the sanctity of anything. Just like the useless individuals who kill for $20 worth of drug money they are in every corner of our society. Be responsible for yourself. Be prepared to defend yourself anywhere you travel. People who respect no one deserve what they receive from those who are determined not to be a victim.

  • Statick Aug 11, 2011

    Good Lord. There are too many emotionally unstable people out there nowadays. They act like little children, especially if someone that they like doesn't reciprocate their feelings. Some people need to learn that, if you get your feelings hurt by someone, LEAVE THEM THE HECK ALONE AND MOVE THE HECK ON.

  • fifefan4life Aug 11, 2011

    A firing squad is too good for him. He needs to be cut up like he did to her, only while he is alive. God bless the family. May the Lord give you peace that Erica is with him now.

  • babbleon Aug 11, 2011

    My sympathy to the family.

  • shemontay Aug 11, 2011

    my prayers go out to the family of Erica. I pray her daughter will be with those that love her and remind her how much her mother loved her inspite of these horrible events.
    Satan is alive and well and living in the hearts of people that commit acts of violence such as this and have no remorse, sorrow or fear. We have to pray for and protect our children-- of all ages! even though the final decision is thiers.

  • computer trainer Aug 11, 2011

    I do not get how these people can do this. How can you just kill and then cut someone up? It is not like it is an easy task. And then they come to court, and they just stand there. Do they not have nightmares about things like this?

  • lisa4 Aug 11, 2011

    All of the stories of these monsters dismembering a human being are just scary!!! I pray for Erica's family. I pray God with give them the strength they need and I pray for peace & strength over Erica's precious child. This is so sad.

  • kelellis67 Aug 11, 2011

    This is absolutely tragic. How can anyone do that to another person? This man is more than an "animal"...he's a MONSTER! I have a daughter Erica's age and I can't even imagine something like that happening to her. I want the family to know that I am so very sorry that they are going through this. This man needs a good old fashioned "firing squad" execution as far as I am concerned...Just so sad!

  • jaydosse Aug 11, 2011

    Another creepy character!!! Prayers to the family..
    He will receive his just reward!!!

  • rickandlinda88 Aug 11, 2011

    HOW SAD!!too many stories lately of murder and dismemberment.thoughts and prayers to the family,may our LORD help you all thru this terrible time.GOD BLESS!!and to "the monster" that did this.may justice be served..