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Prosecutor: Fuquay-Varina teen stabbed 30 times

Posted August 8, 2011

— A Fuquay-Varina teen whose body was found in Jordan Lake early Saturday had been stabbed 30 times, a Chatham County prosecutor said Monday.

Gabriel Alejandro Maricio Lopez, 20, of 600 Church St., and Alejanero Prada Sanchez, 19, of 307 Linwood St., Apt. 23, made their first court appearance Monday afternoon. 

Both are charged with first-degree murder in the death of Patricia Perez, 15. They were denied bond.

Perez and Lopez were dating, and authorities said they believe Lopez stabbed her to death after an argument. Sanchez witnessed the stabbing, authorities said.

Fishermen found Perez's body face-down near a fishing ramp off Farrington Road about one mile north of U.S. Highway 64.

Family members told authorities that the teen had been missing for about 48 hours and that her mother filed a missing persons report with the Wake County Sheriff's Office on Friday evening.

Members of a Chatham County Sheriff's Office dive team searched Jordan Lake Monday for the knife used to stab Perez. Maj. Gary Blankenship said investigators also took both defendants to the crime scene to gather evidence and information.

"They may tell you the direction that something may be or where it may be located," said sheriff Richard Webster. "They were cooperating with us earlier today and that's why they were down there."

Lopez and Sanchez showed no emotion as a judge appointed attorneys for them and set their next court dates for Aug. 24.

Williford Funeral Home in Fuquay-Varina is holding a visitation for Perez on Monday from 7 p.m. to midnight. The funeral will be Wednesday at 10 a.m. followed by a burial at Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, the funeral home said.


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  • sicntired Aug 10, 2011

    Perez family is in our prayers. So sorry for your loss

  • wildcat Aug 10, 2011

    A young girl was murdered. The murderer should get life in prison without parole. The on-looker should received 50 years.

  • Crumps Br0ther Aug 10, 2011

    Illegal? I thought they were all just here to work and make a better life for themselves? Isn't that the Liberal mantra?

  • whatswrongwiththisplace Aug 10, 2011

    It has been reported in the N and O that he was illegal.

  • freedomrings Aug 9, 2011

    Why are people turning this into an immigration debate? There's no mention of immigration status in the article at all and no mention of them being on an immigration hold. For those of you who immediately turn this into a immigration debate, I believe you are unfortunately unaware of your own racism. My husband is Mexican, and a legal permanent resident and he has to deal with the accusing eyes of people like you everyday, simply because of the color of his skin and last name.

    A child lost her life. It was taken in a horrible, horrible way. Do not trivialize this loss by forcing your political views on this board.

    My heartfelt prayers go out to the family members.

  • changeyourownlife Aug 9, 2011

    WHY was her mother letting her date a 20 yr old?!?!?!?!?!

  • bowslinger70 Aug 9, 2011

    NC Reader: I agree with You. I saw the Mother on WRAL news cast last night. Mom acts like she just lost a $2.00 Watch, not a Daughter. Had it been my Daughter or Granddaughter's I wouldn't have Dry eyes yet.

  • pflorack Aug 9, 2011

    My daughter is the same age as poor Patricia, and they were in classes together at FVHS. This story hit home hard for me. I feel horrible for her family & close friends. They will be left with this sickening hole in their hearts & lives from her being taken so swiftly and viciously from them. May God bless your soul, young lady, and that He offers comfort and compasion to your loved ones. Rest in peace.

  • bgcoving Aug 9, 2011

    This shows what is being allowed to come into this country now. If they get thrown out they will just come back again. And again. We have to do something to stop this now, if we don't, I fear for what is coming with this country. -- driverkid3

    I'm betting that whenever it was that your ancestors got off the boat, there were a bunch of people in the community who rolled their eyes and said, "Oh no, another boatload of trash just washed ashore, the crime rate is going to go up, they are going to be a burden on the doctors and the schools, they are poor people and we don't need them here...." Just sayin'....

  • NC Reader Aug 9, 2011

    What a tragic story. Perhaps that girl never had much a chance to begin with.