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70 animals seized from Raleigh home

Posted August 4, 2011
Updated August 5, 2011

— Seventy animals were seized from a Raleigh home on Thursday afternoon.

Wake County Animal Shelter Foster and Rescue Coordinator Joanne Duda said the 67 dogs seized from 6608 Professor St. were kept in cages, sometimes two or three at a time, and appeared neglected.

Some dogs had medical problems, including tumors, cancer and open sores, and others were so obese they could not stand on their own. 

Duda said the dog owners appeared to be breeders.

Acting on a tip, Raleigh Police's Animal Control Unit responded to the home at 9 a.m. and returned in the afternoon to collect the animals. 

Police said 51 dogs were surrendered and 16 dogs and three cats were being held in protective custody. 

The dogs were small breeds, including Yorkshire terriers, Pomeranians, Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas and Lhasa Apsos. 

The animals were transported to the Wake County Animal Shelter, where the dogs were checked by veterinarians. Rescue groups helped find some of the animals foster homes to live in. 

HEART pet rescue found foster families for three of the dogs. HEART President Heidi Miller said the dogs are expected to be available for adoption in about a week, barring any heath or behavioral issues. 

Sound Pet Animal Rescue found foster homes for three of the animals taken from the house.

Peyton Gaudiosi, of Sound Pet Animal Rescue, took one of the dogshome and named him Reagan. 

“It was obvious that they had lived in cages. They were definitely scared. They didn’t know what was going on. It didn’t look like they had a lot of human handling,” Gaudiosi said.

Gaudiosi said Reagan is adjusting well. 

"She loves to cuddle, and she’s the sweetest thing. She just had a bath earlier. She’s incredible," she said.

The Wake County Animal Center said 10 dogs had to be euthanized because their medical conditions were so severe. 

The cats and 22 dogs remain at the Wake County Animal Center, some under protective custody and others available for adoption. 

The investigation is ongoing. No charges have been filed.

Property records for the home show it belongs to Salvatore and Betty Jane Barone, Carolyn Burnham and Barbara Woodworth.

dogs seized Dogs seized from Raleigh home

In 2009, 5 on Your Side did a story about Burnham, who was associated with websites that advertised as breeders. At the time, those companies got an "F" rating on by the Better Business Bureau.

The companies are no longer in business, according to the Better Business Bureau.


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  • lo5tinthewoods Aug 5, 2011

    If there is a specific breed of dog you are looking for, almost every breed has a rescue organization. With these organizations, you can find all ages of a particular breed who have all been taken from unfortunate situations, and pulled from high-kill shelters. Look on Petfinder, or look up any breed you like along with the word "rescue" and you will find many dogs of the breed you desire in need of a loving home. Puppy mills are NOT the only way to get a dog of a specific breed!

  • derno54 Aug 5, 2011

    I just called Wake County Animal shelter. All have them have gone to forster or rescues. Except for the one they claim are there animals and have to stay in protective custody until a court date. Please pray the judge has no mercy on these people. Congress has to act on these puppy mills! It won't stop unless it is made a felony!!! Please write your congressman!! Call a rescue if you wish to foster or adopt!

  • castlecain Aug 5, 2011

    Here is the link to the series of stories about animal control shooting Pit Bull dogs. At the time, I remember reading it on this Charlotte NC TV station's web page. I was mistaken about the location, it was Chesterfield County SC. For clarification
    it was my mistake to say it was a NC county. The story is extensive, and the links are all on the URL I below. It was indicated by a witness in the investigation that they were enjoying the shootings and were doing it as competition with each other. There are several stories at the link.

  • piratefan90 Aug 5, 2011

    petfinder.com is a great site! I found my Coby there while I was looking for a dog for my mom. He brings joy to my life every day and there is nothing like his baying at me when I come home! petfinder.com used to have a section for people that were in the military or moving that needed to find a new home for their pets. My problem is that I just don't have enough room for all the animals that need a good home.

  • bob w Aug 5, 2011

    Just back from visiting several of these dogs and the humans responsible for their abominable condition deserve to be prosecuted. We're not talking simple neglect here, it goes way beyond neglect. Camp Rescue in Cary has 10 of these dogs under medical review and rehabilitation. Their phone number is 919-480-3231 if you would care to help or adopt.

  • jregina Aug 5, 2011

    This type of crime will continue unless and until puppy millers start to face real jail time and harsh fines. And I personally would much rather pay an adoption fee to the SPCA than purchase a puppy from a puppy miller. I have two animals from the SPCA and they are worth every dime I paid to adopt them. And yes, if you're not prepared to pay an adoption fee, then you're not prepared to have an animal as vet bills are part of having an animal just like doctor visits are part of having children.

  • howdiditgettothis Aug 5, 2011

    mmjo65 -- well said.

    joe2372 -- if you have looked online at Raleigh's available rescue pets, you might consider checking online at www.petfinder.com -- this site gives information about breeds of pets, personality, etc. It also gives plenty of pictures & availability on pets in your area.

    There are SO many adoptable animals in this area. You should easily be able to find a pet to suit your family.

  • benandlibbie1 Aug 5, 2011

    Our precious 17 year old Shih Tzu died in 2005. My husband and I were in such grief we decided never to get another pet. As time passed, I started looking on line for Shih Tzu pups. I love the breed because of their personality, temperament, looks, etc. I followed the Shih Tzu by Burnwood website for a number of months and was impressed with the pups. Finally after eight months my husband and I decided to purchase one. He has been an absolute joy. I was walking him one day and a lady fell in love with him. I told her if ever she wanted one, I would tell her where to go. Six months later she found my house and our Bandit. She also purchased one of their pups who could not be sweeter and cuter.

    We became concerned after they became hard to reach after about another year. Consequently, we were not shocked but were disappointed to see this report. We had missed the one in 2009. And one thing they emphasized was that they were opposed to PUPPY MILLS!

  • LocalYokel Aug 5, 2011

    as400_guru, were you offended by "dog"? if you were then, yes, you passed the HC test. The issue here is tortuous treatment and if your OK with that for some but not all its HC.

    cocker_mom, did you know that some people consider dogs livestock? You also passed the HC test.

  • Scubagirl Aug 5, 2011

    "If one can't afford the adoption fee, how is one going to afford the ongoing costs associated with responsible dog ownership; vaccinations, regular vet visits, monthly heart worm prevention, spaying or neutering, etc?