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Memorial held for slain Durham mom

Posted August 2, 2011

— Family members and friends of a Durham woman killed outside a fast-food restaurant last month held a prayer vigil Tuesday in her honor.

Amanda Mangum, 23, called 911 on July 17 and reported that her husband wanted to hurt her. About five hours later, she was stabbed to death in the parking lot of the KFC/Taco Bell at 1804 S. Miami Blvd.

The memorial for Mangum, a mother of four, was held beside the restaurant's parking lot.

Police arrested Kenya Domon Mangum, 29, and charged him with first-degree murder in his wife's death.

Ashley Magruder said Tuesday night her sister was killed because she was trying to get out of the relationship. 

"She was trying to escape, and that's why he killed her," Magruder said. 

Family members have said that Amanda Mangum began dating Kenya Mangum when she was 13 and had her first child at age 15.

In December 2007, she took out a restraining order against Kenya Mangum, which expired after a year, according to Durham County court records.

"They had a rocky past," Amanda Mangum's brother, Robert Magruder, said. 

Amanda Mangum, Durham homicide victim Family remembers slain Durham mom

Amanda Mangum's grandmother in Maryland is caring for her four children – three from her relationship with Kenya Mangum and one from a previous relationship. 

"They love her to death. They miss her dearly," Ashley Magruder said. "They keep asking where mommy is, and we just tell them, 'Mommy's in heaven right now.'" 


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  • lucky22 Aug 3, 2011

    So sad those children lost both their parent's. One in death and one in jail. Hope he never get's out.

  • frane1bc Aug 3, 2011

    Heavenly, I agree with you. Sometime abused women think this is normal or he showing love. But reality is that -- it's wrong. Heres a link that gets point across: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF3p2FLArhY&feature=related

  • aaa Aug 3, 2011

    @heavenly, your comment was truly appreciated and I agree wholeheartedly....

  • dontstopnow Aug 3, 2011

    Women in these type of relationships need to learn self defense and/or how to handle a firearam to stop these men who think they can randomly brutalize and kill them when they please.

    And for those who think I am just making random comments, think again, I am a survivor and learned both things with great success to leave a violent husband, take my children and begin a new life without violence. And this was 25 years ago! Nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough.

  • jim15 Aug 3, 2011

    This article does not answer a major question: What did the police do in the five hours between they were called and this human being was murdered?

  • aaa Aug 3, 2011

    jaygreyam, I agree, but its just so many murders that has happened to alot of women lately and it has always been a significant other or a past relationship, but in any event, all this type of violence against women is unnaceptable and needs to STOP!!!!!

  • jbarron4950 Aug 3, 2011


    The intelligent thing to do would be to get the definition of something before trying to use it as a label.

  • jbarron4950 Aug 3, 2011

    These women whackers need to find something more constructive to do rather than brood over some dime a dozen broad and ruin childrens and family lives in the process.......1 awesome Dad

    An "awesome dad" would not be refering to women as "dime a dozen broads". I'm a "real man" and I find your use of the English language offensive. Grow up!

  • Ouiser Aug 3, 2011

    aaa, the point about men getting caught/being the first suspect isn't really what people should be thinking to deter their actions. with that logic, if the person isn't/won't be caught, then what else would they think about to deter their action? the first thought should be that this type of violence is unacceptable (which is a learned behavior), not about the possibility of being caught.

  • aaa Aug 3, 2011

    I just dont understand, when will men stop killing their wives/babymothers/girlfriends? Don't they realize that they will get caught? One thing for sure is, whenever a woman is murdered, the boyfriend/husband/babyfather is ALWAYS the first suspect so to all the men out here reading this, this should really be an eye opener... RIP to this young lady..Gone too soon...