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Chapel Hill to begin ticketing front-yard parkers

Posted July 31, 2011

— Chapel Hill plans to start cracking down on people who park their cars in front yards, issuing two notices to homeowners before steep daily fines kick in.

The town's new Land Use Management Ordinance, which goes into effect Monday, prohibits parking areas from taking up more than 40 percent of the front yard. It also requires areas used for parking be paved or covered in gravel.

Residents who continue to park on the front lawn after Monday will receive two warnings, town officials said, before fines of $100 per day are imposed. Citations will be issued to property owners, not tenants.

The ordinance was passed to primarily address complaints about the unsightliness of front-yard parking on rental properties where multiple students live, officials said.   Front-yard parking Chapel Hill to begin ticketing front-yard parkers

Some homeowners, however, think the town is overstepping its bounds.

"I pay taxes on this land," said Chapel Hill resident Louise Felix, who parks her pickup truck on the grass in her front yard every day. 

"This is my yard, I should be able to park anything I want to park on it," she said.

Felix said she will not hesitate to sue if she receives a front-yard parking citation. 

"I would take them to court... and I would not think another thing about it," she said.


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  • RM24 Aug 2, 2011

    Their is one free spot to park in Chapel Hill now. Where Coach Davis parked! Doubt that helps the parking any more than it does the football program however.

  • Legally Here Aug 1, 2011

    I dont perticularly like the look of it and we have one nieghbor that does it but the way I see it its their property so who am I to say anything.

  • anne53ozzy Aug 1, 2011

    If you wish to park on your property then install and maintain proper driveways and drainage to accomodate the runoff. Or better still, find yourself a little piece of heaven somewhere else.

  • bmg379 Aug 1, 2011

    Can we start this in Raleigh,my rental neighbors on my street have some full fledged parking lots going on

  • mmtlash Aug 1, 2011

    Hmmm I wonder if Cary in all of it's soning and restrictive glory allows front yard parking....

  • btneast Aug 1, 2011

    just another ploy by local government to raise revenue...

    Not really, the admin costs of keeping up with the program would at best balance out any revenue gains. Governments are very inefficient organizations generally.

  • ncpilot2 Aug 1, 2011

    Cpitalism Fan said, "Cars all over the yard looks awful and this ordinance makes sense."

    So now the government should determine what "looks awful?"

    I believe the founders of our once-great country are turning over in their grave because we have become what they left to get away from.

  • working for deadbeats Aug 1, 2011

    I wonder what the rest of Ms Felix's neighborhood looks like. I'm sure she will get up off the porch to sue CH. Cars all over the yard looks awful and this ordinance makes sense.

  • PoBoy Aug 1, 2011

    Leave it to the People's Republic of Chapel Hill!

  • heelbilly Aug 1, 2011

    just another ploy by local government to raise revenue...