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Accused murderer 'evil,' Kinston mom's relative says

Posted July 28, 2011
Updated July 29, 2011

— A relative of slain Kinston mom Laura Jean Ackerson says he believes that the man suspected in her death is evil.

"He may have hid it for years, but he was evil. His friends say he was a nice guy, but to do what he did, he has to be evil," Ackerson's brother-in-law, Mike Anderson, told WZZM-TV in Grand Rapids, Mich., Wednesday. 

The dismembered remains of 27-year-old Ackerson, who was originally from Michigan, were recovered this week from Oyster Creek in Richmond, Texas, about 60 miles south of Houston.

Grant Hayes, 32, the father of Ackerson's 2- and 3-year-old sons, and his wife, Amanda Hayes, 39, were arrested Monday and charged with murder. They are being held in the Wake County jail without bond.

Ackerson disappeared two weeks ago, and her car was later found in the parking lot of a Raleigh apartment complex.

Raleigh police investigating her disappearance ultimately recovered her remains after learning that the Hayeses traveled to Richmond last week to visit Amanda Hayes' sister, who lives about 100 yards from Oyster Creek.

Texas investigators say Ackerson was killed in North Carolina, dismembered and transported in several ice chests in a U-Haul to Richmond.

Mike Anderson Laura Ackerson family interview

"People just can't really grasp the concept of what he did, how they did it," Anderson said. "They can't really get their head around the fact that somebody would do this – to kill somebody, then take them that far to another state with their children in the car. It's just really hard for everybody."

Raleigh police haven't commented on a possible motive but others who knew Ackerson say she was involved in an ongoing custody dispute over her two sons and that the relationship between her and Hayes was volatile.

Anderson said that he believes the children, believed to be with Grant Hayes' family, would be better off with Ackerson's family.

Meanwhile Thursday, Raleigh police detectives were making arrangements to have evidence in the case shipped from Richmond to Raleigh, said Bob Haenel, a spokesman for the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office.

He said investigators have also made arrangements with the Galveston County Medical Examiner to conduct the autopsy on Ackerson’s remains.

It's unclear, he said, when those remains would be turned over to her family.

Grant Hayes, a local musician, recently married Amanda Hayes, Anderson said. The two have a 3-month-old child together.

"It's really hard to imagine that somebody who was just married and has a career that's taking off would jeopardize it by doing something like this," Anderson said.


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  • eccgc Jul 29, 2011

    He is not evil. What about his wife who help him? Would she be the monster. Labeling is uncall for.

    wildcat, If this is not evil, please tell me what it is!

  • driverkid3 Jul 29, 2011

    word636, thanks for that link, I listened to that andit put "not good" chills up and down my back. I am so glad I've been blessed with sense not to get involved with psycho's like so many women do these days.

  • Ouiser Jul 29, 2011

    yes, wildcat, they're both evil

  • wildcat Jul 29, 2011

    He is not evil. What about his wife who help him? Would she be the monster. Labeling is uncall for.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Jul 29, 2011

    cantbtaught - "This is nothing more than a hate crime and the murderer in Durham should also be charged with a hate crime."

    Now I understand your GOLO handle (name).

  • uncw05 Jul 29, 2011

    cantbtaught- hate crimes are crimes against someone who is a member of a protected class motivated by that person's inclusion in that protected class. Baby's mamas are not a protected class. What protected class do you think she was a member of that caused him to kill her?

  • MikeTysonsPunchOut Jul 29, 2011

    "This is nothing more than a hate crime and the murderer in Durham should also be charged with a hate crime."

    If you look at the standard usage of the term 'hate crime', this does not really fit. Now, hatred most certainly fueled this crime, but it was not a 'hate crime' in the classic meaning of the term. BUT - Whatever you want to call this, GH & AH deserve to be taken out back and...you get the point.

  • golorealist Jul 29, 2011

    i have been saying that he wasn't exactly quiet about wanting her dead, even expressing this to several people. here's an article on a song he wrote about it:


  • same ole story Jul 29, 2011

    This is nothing more than a hate crime and the murderer in Durham should also be charged with a hate crime.

  • jmyers1453 Jul 29, 2011

    Apparently, he may have hacked into her email accounts to delete evidence she was planning to use in her custody case. On 11/3/2010, Laura appears to have submitted the following to the Gmail support team:

    "My ex, whom I have children with, got into my current email account and started using my email to slander me. I need the past account activity to prove it in court and to our court ordered psychological evaluator, for our child custody suite. How can I achieve this?
    Also, he deleted a gmail account of mine almost 9 months ago. Is there any way to retrieve the messages or restore that account? I had photos and a ton of evidence in that email account that would make proving myself in this case very easy."

    You can see it here: