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Family mourns Youngsville soldier killed in Iraq

Posted July 16, 2011
Updated July 17, 2011

— A Franklin County soldier was killed in southern Iraq Friday morning when the vehicle he was driving hit an improvised explosive device, his family said Saturday. 

They remember Lucas Elliott, 21, a military police specialist in the Army Reserve, as a man who was proud to serve his country and who never regretted joining the military.

"On 9/11, we were sitting there watching everything unfold and Lucas turned to us and said, 'I'm going to be a soldier,'" his mother, Patti Elliott, told WRAL News Saturday at the family's Youngsville home.

They are mourning, Patti Elliott said, but they lean on each other and try to find comfort in memories.

"Lucas is in a better place," Patti Elliott said.

She said her son loved to hunt and fish and that he dreamed of having a television show about these activities. 

"All I can say is I'm going to miss my hunting and fishing buddy," Lucas Elliott's father, Ed, said.

Youngsville soldier killed in Iraq Youngsville soldier killed in Iraq

Around 6 a.m. Saturday, two days before their son's 22nd birthday, the Elliotts awoke to a knock at the door.

"When you see those folks standing there at your door, you know," Patti Elliott said.

Military representatives were there to notify them that their son wasn't coming home. The Elliotts told Lucas' wife, Trisha, who recalled meeting her husband years earlier during a class they took together at Wake Technical Community College.

"I'm not sure how he did it, but he convinced me to marry him, and I don't regret it," Trisha Elliott said.

Lucas Elliott, who served in the 805th Military Police Company, a reserve unit based in Raleigh, will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.


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  • Minxi23 Jul 21, 2011


    I completely agree with your statement about Lucas with a full magazine awaiting those insurgents. I'm very good friends with his wife, so despite knowing him for a couple yrs, I'm grateful I got to know Lucas as the great young man and soldier that he was and will always be. He definitely was very skilled, so I know he'll take care of those fools. Get em, Lucas!

  • Dogs_Rules Jul 21, 2011

    Those insurgents think that 70 virgins await them in paradise when all they have to look forward to is Lucas Elliott with a full magazine.

  • Dogs_Rules Jul 21, 2011

    What the news story doesn't mention is that Patti spent ALL of her spare time as a volunteer helping the families of the 805th. The Elliotts are fine people and should be kept in our prayers to assuage their grief of such a tremendous loss. I can tell you this; that IED was as close as those cowardly insurgents wanted to get to Lucas Elliott because of his skill with a rifle. God must be putting together one hell of a unit.

  • redriverbuddy Jul 19, 2011

    "From Heaven with Love-Continued" Mother please do me a favor, because I can't do it now. Give everyone a hug and a kiss and tell them its from me. Mother I am so Happy in Heaven, so please don't worry there, I am here with Jesus in his ever lasting care."I wrote this poem ten years ago for a friend who lost her only son in an auto accident, she never found peace. I told her I would write her a poem that would give her peace. It worked and it has helped many others. I pray it gives peace to Lucas family.This poem was a God sent.JHP

  • redriverbuddy Jul 19, 2011

    Poem of Peace "From Heaven with Love"
    Please forgive me for leaving you so quick,
    you know I had to go because I was the one GOD picked.
    You always loved me even to the end,
    you were always there for me as my very best friends.
    That first night I was home with family all in prayer
    you held my hand and kissed me gently to show me that you cared. GOD sent his loving Angel to take me by the hand, and took me home to JESUS to his Promised Land. The room was full of Angels as you said your final good byes, as I came home to JESUS up beyond the skies. You won't believe it but He met me at the gate, JESUS with his arms outstretched whispering come to me was so great. For me never worry for I am doing fine, I am here with JESUS so happy because HE's mine. Now I am walking down those beautiful streets of Gold, where everyone is young again and no one ever turns old. Heaven is more beautiful than I ever thought it could be, one day soon you all will be here with me. Now I am here with JESUS i

  • cameronlawrence Jul 18, 2011

    From one soldier to another-R.I.P. God bless your family and our nations military.

  • whateverrrr Jul 18, 2011

    I knew lucas many years ago and he was always a true gentleman and was always talking about the military! I always knew he would be a proud US soldier! Your service and dedication is very much appreciated and just know that it nor you will ever be forgotten!! RIP Lucas

  • concerncitizen Jul 18, 2011

    Rest in peace young man...... please know your sacrifice is recognized and appreciated... I have a son in the military, his birthday is this week five days after his one year old sons birthday... God bless your family. All might God I pray he is in a better place!

  • gagal Jul 18, 2011

    Happy Birthday Lucas, you were a great friend to Joshua when you guy's where in 588. I will always remember the camping trip we went on when you can back with a string full of fish. We were all proud of you. Still am. thank you so much for your service. you will be greatly missed. Soar High Eagle,

  • kentreeve Jul 18, 2011

    Lucas was a good kid who grew into being a fine young man. Thank you for the honor of knowing you and for thank you for your service to our country. I miss you and will always remember you.