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Missing 3-year-old girl found in Halifax

Posted July 15, 2011

— A 3-year-old girl who went missing in the Dobbs Street area of Halifax on Friday morning was found safe near a river, authorities said. 

The Halifax County Sheriff's Office said April Eubanks, who has autism, wandered away from a backyard family reunion around 10 a.m. She was found four hours later on the banks of the Roanoke River, just a few blocks from where she disappeared.

The child had burns on her legs and face from a previous incident, but was otherwise unharmed.

Family members believe a playground across the street from the home caught the child's eye. 

"Some of the other kids were playing in this area and just a millisecond (later), literally, we couldn't find April," relative Aisha Eubanks said. 

Aisha Eubanks said the family was "overjoyed" to hear April was OK. 

april eubanks Missing 3-year-old girl found in Halifax

April and her parents are visiting the area from Philadelphia. 

One deputy involved in the search for the girl was taken to the hospital for treatment of heat exhaustion. Another deputy and one state Department of Correction officer suffered minor injuries during the search. 


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  • pinehorse Jul 15, 2011

    The Halifax County Sheriff's Office deserves a lot of credit for the job they did on this one.

  • delilahk2000 Jul 15, 2011


  • christinebbd Jul 15, 2011

    I'm starting to wonder if WTVD is actually behind all the whiners that seem to post to EVERY news item on this website. It wouldn't suprise me one bit. Every story, it doesn't matter what it is, it seems the same people post the same complaints "can't WRAL do a better job reporting [insert topic here]" and others whine with complaints about the people IN the story.

    There seems to be a theme, and the only variable is the topic of the story and who it's about.

  • nanasix Jul 15, 2011

    Try wearing what a deputy has to wear, and then ride your bike.
    They have to wear undershirts to prevent the bullet proof vest from rubbing their body raw, then the vest, and a shirt and belt loaded with equipment. What do you wear to ride your bike???

  • dirkdiggler Jul 15, 2011

    oh woops, it was the deputy, i misread. i can understand an officer in full uniform overheating....maybe. what do they do on days that aren't inclemently cool during the summer? take one hour stints outdoors? jeez, i ride my bike 5-6 hours at a clip at full on effort through the summer and dont run into heat exhaustion and i can guarantee you im putting forth more physical exertion than some cop walking around looking for a kid. maybe it was the wendell cop i saw the other day. dude was so big he could barely fit behind the steering wheel of his car. how can you do your job as an officer if you're 500#?

  • Weetie Jul 15, 2011

    So happy this child was found safe. And yes! I know we are all human but we still need to take better care of our children! Twenty-five years ago, did you hear about all the missing and abused children we hear about today??? I didn't. I had a special needs child as well - he is a grown today, (thank GOD!) I know many other parents who had special needs children - some with autism and they took care of them! They grew into adults...they weren't abused, killed, molested and dismembered as so many children are today. WHY? Because the parents didn't sit in front of computers, video games and play with cell phones like parents do today. So yes, I am talking about YOU if you are not looking after your children. You had them - now raise them! It's your job not society's job!

  • dirkdiggler Jul 15, 2011

    heat exhaustion? it's only 84 degrees out and she was gone 4 hours. how does that result in heat exhaustion?

  • Follow_The_Money27617 Jul 15, 2011

    Goodness Packfan27! The Halifax Deputy who suffered heat exhaustion was out in the sun, in FULL UNIFORM looking for a missing child for SEVERAL HOURS

    WAHHHHHHHHHHHH. Its feels great outside. Cop is a wuss. You should have been paving roads yesterday. You dont know what hot is. They must be falling over left and right in Afghanistan.

  • dontstopnow Jul 15, 2011

    okay where is fair play here? The other 3 year old that wandered away while her father was sleeping was considered child neglect and charged but this isn't, and it was a family reunion with loads of adults around? I find this interesting.

  • hmmmmm Jul 15, 2011

    Goodness Packfan27! The Halifax Deputy who suffered heat exhaustion was out in the sun, in FULL UNIFORM looking for a missing child for SEVERAL HOURS. It may not have seemed hot to you, but this deputy was also in a situation where he/she was probably very anxious, knowing in his/her line of work that child abductions sometimes do not end well. The deputy was also probably not paying attention to water intake because he/she was focused on finding the baby. Last, you do not know if the officer had any other health issues going on, that would make him/her more likely to have heat related illnesses. Those comments are so insensitive, I hope you never need emergency services.