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Henderson woman accidentally run over in driveway

Posted July 14, 2011

— Visiting relatives accidentally struck an 82-year-old woman in her driveway last month, leading to her death a day later, according to Henderson police.

Mae Byrd Lloyd was standing in her driveway at 227 Gary St. while her brother and his wife, both in their 80s, were leaving around 5 p.m. on June 11, police said.

Her sister-in-law couldn't get the emergency brake off and didn't realize the car was in reverse, police said. Her husband got out of the car, leaned in and pulled the brake off. The car struck Mae Byrd Lloyd and her brother.

"Evidently, somebody, the lady, had her foot on the gas because the car backed up right quick," neighbor William Gray Tillotson said.

Lloyd was taken to Maria Parham Medical Center and died 12 hours later of complications from leg injuries. Relatives said her brother had an arm injury and is recovering.

Police didn't file any charges and ruled the situation accidental. They said the brake had a mechanical malfunction.

Henderson woman accidentally run over in driveway Henderson woman accidentally run over in driveway

Lloyd's relatives didn't want to do an interview on camera, but said they were devastated by what happened.

"You couldn't have asked for a nicer neighbor," said Tillotson, who lived next to Lloyd for more than 30 years. "She'd do you a favor in a heartbeat."

Lloyd was retired after working for more than 40 years as a sales clerk at Sears Roebuck and Company, according to her obituary. She was a member of First Baptist Church.

Lloyd was the widow of Hamlin Lee Lloyd and is survived by two sons, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She had three sisters and four brothers.


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  • gpcatgirl Jul 15, 2011

    Old people should be made to give up their license after age 65. mrlee34

    What the heck!!! You must be a teenager if you think 65 is old. That was the stupidist comment I believe I have ever heard.

  • dontstopnow Jul 15, 2011

    lets visit that comment about a yearly test erderr.

    I would bet, if I was a gambling woman, that seniors have the lowest insurance claims for tickets and accidents. The highest is teens of course and they don't get tested every year even though they create the most dangers on the highway.

    So before we judge Seniors as poor drivers, maybe the stats should be pulled and see where the really bad drivers reside on the age bar.

  • erderr4533 Jul 15, 2011

    Old people should be made to give up their license after age 65. mrlee34

    how is 65 old? not even close to being old...and nobody should take their licenses away just bc their 'old', but they should be made to take a driving test every year after a certain age to make sure their reflexes, eyesight, hearing, etc...are still up to par for driving

  • michaelclay Jul 15, 2011

    That's telling em bowslinger70.

  • deton8tor Jul 15, 2011

    Old people should be made to give up their license after age 65.
    GOLO member since July 14, 2011
    July 14, 2011 4:34 p.m.
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    How are they going to get to work? if they keep trying to raise the retirement age we will have to be working until we are 85.

  • dontstopnow Jul 15, 2011

    OMG 65 to give up license?????? How funny. My Mother is 83 and drives better than most young people. In fact she stills work a public job as well and drives there every day.

    So this entire conversation about Seniors is a crock. This is like everything else, it depends on the person not the age!

  • carolinagal78 Jul 15, 2011

    I dont think senior citizens should lose their license but I do think they need to be tested every year in order to keep their license. I think the driving laws need to be a little stricter for them just like they are for teenagers. I have been in a wreck where an 80yr old man pulled right into the side of my car and I have had some close calls that involved elderly drivers.

  • Southern Girl Jul 15, 2011

    I hate to tell you, but 65 is a long way from being old!

  • bowslinger70 Jul 14, 2011

    Re: Old people should be made to give up their licenses after age 65.

    Paul Newman was driving race cars at 180 mph at age 80. You might want to think before you put your lip in gear.

  • MellowFairy Jul 14, 2011

    tomac108 - "This is a sad accident and I fail to understand why WRAL has made this a news item including a feature item on the TV news. Heck yea, the family should decline comment....who wouldn't if you imposed on them in this time of a family tragady. find some real news or run some more commercials. All of you at WRAL should all be ashamed for this one."

    AMEN! This is not news. It's a terrible accident and I'm sure the family doesn't appreciate their tragedy being broadcasted like this.