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Raleigh publicist reps Casey Anthony juror

Posted July 7, 2011
Updated July 8, 2011

— A Raleigh publicist is helping one of the jurors from the Casey Anthony trial navigate interview requests from national media outlets.

“People now dislike the jury because they didn’t give the public the verdict they want,” Rick French, chief executive of French, West and Vaughn public relations, told WRAL News on Thursday.

A jury of 12 found Casey Anthony not guilty this week of killing and abusing her 2-year-old daughter.

French would not name his client, but said he is a husband and father of two with a degree in economics. Since the verdict, the juror's family has been under siege. 

"He has no privacy. He can't go to the grocery store. The news trucks have his driveway blocked in," French said. 

French said his phone rings constantly with networks willing to offer cash for an interview with his client. One national publication claims $50,000 was offered to a juror. French said that information didn't come from him, and the offer was actually higher. 

"The figure is low compared to what some media outlets are suggesting they would pay him," French said. 

French said the juror contacted his company for help handling those offers and to help him decide whether or not to talk to the media. 

For those who would criticize his client for hiring a publicist, French reminds that it is the media throwing money around to "get ratings, to get exclusive interviews." 

French said his client has decided for now not to speak to the media. 

"That person is responsible for letting Casey Anthony go free. What is that worth to you? When they sat back and thought about it, there wasn't a price that could be put on that," French said. 


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  • righthere1234 Jul 8, 2011

    I really don't understand why this "front page" news.

  • voiceofreason32 Jul 8, 2011

    anyone see anywhere in the article where it says the juror was threatened??? or just reading into it what you want to??
    What the article says is the media is surrounding them, he would be safe, and unknown, if the media would back off...but now he is not due to the medias disregard for his privacy...so, looks like he is looking to get paid for his trouble....but nowhere does it say he has been threatened...it is implied by the writer, which is poor journalism and what the writer should focus on is the irresponsible behavior by the media

  • tnjed Jul 8, 2011

    The jurors should be prosecuted for this verdict! What a crock. They were either lazy or incompetent; likely both. The justice system absolutely failed in this case. Makes me sick.

  • me2you Jul 8, 2011

    leave the jurors alone.

  • dollibug Jul 8, 2011

    ++++There are many people who were in the courtroom saying that the jury NEVER took any notes and just sat their with their arms folded.

    Riddle me this; Does the jury have more "money-making" opportunities if they produce the expected or un-expected, unpopular verdict? Hmmmm...
    Roy G Biv

    Comments such as this....when people repeat what they have heard or seen....it why our country is in deep trouble...it should not be a he said, she said....it TAKES EVIDENCE and COMMON SENSE....to make a decision in a trial...and as I recall....there has been NO ONE...NOT ONE PERSON...who can say what happened to this little one....the only thing that is known is "she is dead"....whether by accident, illness or murder...she is dead....that is the ONLY EVIDENCE that is known...and that her mother or grandparents DID NOT REPORT her missing....

  • AWakeMom Jul 8, 2011

    oops --

    FURTHERMORE: The article clearly states he hasn't decided what he's going to do -- talk or not talk - if he talks - so be it. If he doesn't - he doesn't get a dime.

  • AWakeMom Jul 8, 2011

    "Profiting? They had no income for 6 to 8 weels except for the $11.00 a day for being on the or in the jury."

    I've worked a few different jobs in my life, and everywhere I went had some sort of jury leave, and my paycheck was not penalized. We don't know this man didn't earn a regular paycheck along with the $11.00 a day. FURTHERMORE:

  • kellypratz Jul 8, 2011

    Casey Anthony nor any of the jurors should not be able to make one red cent out of this because the media are nothing put vultures and trying to nab that explosive interview!! We have to remember that a child is dead, please let this child RIP.

  • charmed Jul 8, 2011

    That jury did not take enough time to decide the case as we believe it should have been decided. 10 hours to go over what 6 weeks with of evidence ? They had their minds made up for whatever the reason. How can 99% of the public believe she's guilty and not 1 of the jurors thought she was guily alos. Alanrmnc I have been following this since the day Caylee was reported missing. She murdered her child and got away with it. Also the defense should not feel they won the case if you listen to the jurors the prosecution supposely lost it big difference. May be "not quilty" by the jury but far from innocent.

  • IzzMad2016 Jul 8, 2011

    I'd hide out in my house, too, if I was one of the jurors in this case.