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UPS truck gets booted in downtown Raleigh

Posted July 7, 2011
Updated July 8, 2011

— A UPS truck was fitted with two boots that immobilized it for parking offenses in downtown Raleigh Thursday.

Driver James Riley said he was inside making a delivery at an office building at 19 W. Hargett St. for less than two minutes. He walked outside to find his truck immobilized.  

Riley said he has parked at that location to make deliveries for the past 15 years. He got the boot once before in October. 

"I don't know why. This is the second time being booted like this. I guess, they've got their reasons," Riley said.  UPS truck gets booted in downtown Raleigh UPS truck gets booted in downtown Raleigh

The City of Raleigh said that Riley was parked in a no-parking zone and that when they ran the truck's license plate number, it had $370 in unpaid parking tickets. 

Riley called his boss, who paid the tickets so the boot could be removed and he could finish his deliveries.

Former North Carolina Secretary of State Rufus Edmisten thought the boots were a little "over the top." 

"The people that make commerce go, and you put a boot on them. Somebody is a little boot happy," Edmisten said. 

The city has been in the parking enforcement business for about a year after taking it over from a private company last summer.

The transportation manager said they try to have loading zones on every block, but they can't put them in front of every building.


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  • John Sawtooth Jul 8, 2011

    This vehicle got booted for over $400 in unpaid fines. Once the supervisor paid them off, the van was un-booted. I empathize with our UPS and Fedex drivers, and the LTL trucks who drop off at my building. The new parking people are a huge improvement over the private company who was there before, much more pleasant.

    I like the suggestion about some sort of proof, too. Raleigh parking is not some hideous obstacle. Most busy cities have something similar.

  • dmccall Jul 8, 2011

    The point of parking rules is to free up the streets from parked cars in certain areas. Boots only prolong the problem.

    Don't forget that one of the main reasons that the USPS wants to close the F St. post office is that it is too inconvenient for trucks. Sounds like a trend here... and here I thought $2 billion was spent to ATTRACT businesses to downtown.

  • mytrish Jul 8, 2011

    You know why the UPS and Fedex guys can't park in commercial parking? Because it's full of non-commerical vehicles. If the meter maids would take care of that, the delivery trucks would have somewhere to legally park. The meter maids see UPS and Fedex as easy income for the city. And that city employee who was "doing his job" needs to learn the meaning of overkill. Two boots? Did he really think the truck could still drive off with one boot?

  • s.wake.co Jul 8, 2011

    Does seem like a little common sense could be exercised and at least some consideration given between the law (city ordinance) and the spirit of the law. If a UPS truck is parked in a No Parking Zone for more than just a few minutes, then, yes, there should be a ticket issued, but as someone else pointed out those guys hustle and are usually gone within a matter of minutes. Almost makes one wonder if the person ticketing the UPS truck wasn't hiding behind a tree or wall waiting for the UPS guy to drive up then popping out with the boot and ticket.

  • djnoahh Jul 8, 2011

    So you guys are upset because a City employee did his job the way he was supposed to do it??

    The laws are not delivered from on high via burning bushes. The people of Raleigh have decided to elect a group of people. The people of Raleigh have chosen a set of laws that govern parking downtown. The people of Raleigh have chosen to enforce those laws by contracting with ParkLink.

    ParkLink absolutely does NOT have the discretion to decide that one truck that's breaking the law doesn't get a ticket and another truck parked illegally does. Would you want to live in a city where they DO have that discretion?

    If you think the City ought to have more delivery zones or that delivery trucks ought to be able to park wherever they want, you need to take your self down to the evening sessions of the City Council and let them know. Or call or email your council rep and let them know.

    But if all your doing is complaining on a silly message board...well...people DO get the government they deserv

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jul 8, 2011

    Meeker and Allen need more money to fund their budget.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jul 8, 2011

    The parking mess downtown is the reason that most people outside of the beltline don't go inside the beltline.

    The hassles aren't worth it.

  • chance Jul 7, 2011

    They're trying to insinuate that boot for more so for the parking tickets as opposed to the actually parking. The thing is, the parkig tickets would have been given for parking downtown to make deliveries as I seriously doubt a UPS truck is used for leisure trips downtown.

    Raleigh will not be happy until they drive everybody out of business by nickel and dime'ing them. They need to look within. I used to do business with multiple departments within the City and they were always frivilous with their (our!) money. And then, to top it off, it would be 'suggested' I give the individuals items on a personal basis and 'suggested' that if I didn't it would be hard for them to continue doing business with me. A bunch of crooks!

  • oleguy Jul 7, 2011

    Awfull DUH,, these guys make really good money, And great Bennys and retirement,,,

  • bigsix842 Jul 7, 2011

    Thank goodness Meeker is leaving