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Teen driver killed in Harnett County chase

Posted June 29, 2011
Updated June 30, 2011

— A 16-year-old driving a stolen Jeep was killed in a wreck during a chase with a Harnett County deputy Wednesday evening, Sheriff Larry Rollins said Thursday.

A deputy tried to stop a 2004 Jeep Liberty that was speeding north along N.C. Highway 87 around 6:45 p.m., Rollins said.

The driver – identified as Lorenzo F.C. Knights-McWhite, of Cameron – didn't stop and turned right onto Buffalo Lakes Road, the sheriff said. He lost control of the Jeep about 1½ miles down Buffalo Lakes Road and wrecked.

The Jeep overturned several times, tossing out Knights-McWhite and his 16-year-old passenger.

Knights-McWhite was declared dead at the scene.

His passenger, whose name wasn't released, was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center to be treated.

Rollins said that investigators learned that the Jeep had been reported stolen at Fort Bragg on June 20. No charges have been filed.

One killed in Harnett County chase One killed in Harnett County chase


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  • watchmewin Jul 1, 2011

    lorivalentine1 really?? What could this possible show NC about its kids here? this kid was a criminal driving a stolen car. I think it says more about the parents rather than the maturity level of all NC children.

  • lorivalentine1 Jul 1, 2011

    Sad for evey one involved that yet another stupid teen driver was killed.
    When will NC realize kids here are not mature enough to drive at this age.. I would be curious about the statistics for the teen mv death rate as compared to other states.
    Seems like a couple are killed weekly here..

  • fayncmike Jul 1, 2011

    "Ok I know FIRST and of this story.... Most of the facts are correct in this article...EXCEPT the young man did not steal the Jeep nor was it parked in front of his parents house. Also his parents didn't ALLOW him to drive a stolen car!"

    none of that really matters to some people. They're like a pack of rabid dogs that will jump on any target of opportunity and do their best to destroy it. In this case they don't give a rat's rump that a young man is dead. They couldn't care less about a family that is devastated. All they care about is mounting their high horses and pontificating from their imagined position of perfection. As sickening as those people are, they're a fact of life. We need to have the compassion for them that they do not have for others.

  • aasu07 Jun 30, 2011

    Ok I know FIRST and of this story.... Most of the facts are correct in this article...EXCEPT the young man did not steal the Jeep nor was it parked in front of his parents house. Also his parents didn't ALLOW him to drive a stolen car! So before you slander this young man and his family KNOW THE FACTS.... Remember he has passed away and leaving his family in alot of pain right now. I'm not saying you have to like the event but have a soul! EVERYONE makes mistakes in their life...his mistake just cost him his life and ne that his family will have to live with.

  • tigrlily1976 Jun 30, 2011

    My prayers are with the LAW ENFORCEMENT officers and families and friends of the young men in the vehicle. This is a tragedy for everyone involved. Please note the emphasis on LAW ENFORCEMENT. That is exactly what the officer was doing and in no way should he be berated for doing his job, for risking his life everyday to keep our community safe. I came upon the accident just after it happened and had my 3 yr old daughter in the back seat. I am beyond grateful that these kids did not injure or kill anyone else. But what I can't stop thinking about is how these kids managed to have a stolen car for over a week without a parent or adult realizing. At some point the parents need to answer for their actions or lack there of.

  • mulecitybabe Jun 30, 2011

    So has this kid had the stolen jeep parked at his parents' house since it was stolen on June 20? If so, they should be in jail and charged with murder.

  • emtp2k Jun 30, 2011

    fayncmike that's funny, the boys parents speak to a lawyer? What for? For allowing their 16 year old to drive a stolen vehicle? the 16 year old failed to stop. He paid the ultimate price for his mistake. the police officer was doing his job. If we allowed every one in this world just to drive off any time an officer turned on the blue lights no one would ever get charged for anything. It's time people take responsibility for their actions and stop blaming someone else.

  • newwake Jun 30, 2011

    Those of you that are blaming the police with this child's death are foolish enablers. The kid made the decision to do this. He could have just as easily decided to stop. Its very unfortunate.

  • newwake Jun 30, 2011

    fayncmike has his head in the clouds. What kind of dream world do you live in man? This guy was a public hazard. Its hard to comprehend that there are bad people in this world that need to be stopped, and the act of trying to stop him/her can possible cause harm to innocent people. Its unfortunate but thats the REALITY we live in. Bad things happen sometimes. Its not preventable. This mentality that everything bad is preventable and we must sue anyone that indirectly "allows" something bad to happen to someone is ludicrous. Sue Sue Sue. Yea thats the answer. No wonder this world is screwed up.

  • Bring on the 4 Dollar Gas Jun 30, 2011

    what kind of name is Knights-McWhite? good riddance I say. we have enough criminal kiddies around.