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Police: Road rage led to I-540 shooting

Posted June 22, 2011
Updated June 23, 2011

— A shooting on Interstate 540 late Wednesday was likely prompted by road rage, Raleigh police said Thursday.

Kyle Fiske, 23, of Raleigh, and Danielle Johnson, 20, of Cary, were westbound on I-540, near U.S. Highway 70, shortly before 10 p.m. when a car pulled up on their left, police said. A man inside the second vehicle then opened fire.

A bullet traveled through the front driver's-side and passenger-side windows, but missed both people, police said. Fiske's arm was cut by shattered glass.

"Some guy was like tailgating me," Fiske said in a 911 call. "We kept driving because the guy was on 540, following us."

"I'm scared to stop. We need to find a safe place to stop," Johnson said in the 911 call.

The couple pulled into Raleigh-Durham International Airport, and one of them ran to the Southwest Airlines ticket counter in Terminal 1 and asked for help. RDU medical staff treated them there.

Police were searching for a silver, early 2000s-model Acura with dark-tinted windows and custom rims. The couple told police a man was the only person in the car, which was last seen going west on I-540.

Investigators said preliminary findings point to road rage as the reason for the shooting, police said.

Anyone who believes they witnessed the shooting or might have information that could help investigators is asked to call Raleigh Crime Stoppers at 919-834-4357.

I-540 shooting Car fired at on I-540

Raleigh police said they have found no connection between the shooting and three recent shootings on or near the Durham Freeway.

In the latest Durham incident, a man told police that he was targeted by a white or gray Acura, along with a dark blue Dodge Charger, on the Durham Freeway Monday night.

Durham police, who consulted with Raleigh police, have said none of the shootings there were random.

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  • JustSayinToo Jun 24, 2011

    and I also understand that in order to file reports, you have to be within the responding officers jurisdiction, but I really don't think I would have turned around or pulled off if I had just been shot at. The shooter obviously had an intent to kill when he shot at them the 1st time, who is to say he didn't want to finish the job. This 911 telecommunicator really should get some type of reprimand for her sucky attitude. Maybe this is why the patients are so ill when EMS arrives onscene.... they deal with a dispatcher with a crabby attitude and assume EMS is going to be the same way.

  • JustSayinToo Jun 24, 2011

    So this 911 call shows alot about that telecommunicator, and obviously she has NO patience or compassion for her job. 911 Dispatcher is a hard job, you deal with uncooperative people every time a call comes in whether it be an emergency call or a routine call, but if she can't handle her job then maybe she should have passed that call to another telecommunicator who wouldn't have had such an attitude and could have talked to the people without the "huffs" and "Oh my gosh's"

  • Das G Jun 24, 2011

    Odd that they'd call this road rage when the 2 vehicles involved in this were remarkably similar to the shooting on 147 in Durham. Of course, you'd never know of the 2nd vehicle if you just read the WRAL article.

  • Con Amor brings luv and laughter Jun 24, 2011

    If I'm running for my life, and trying to get help, the last thing I want to do is run back into the same spot that I'm running from, and the attitude of a 911 operator with a 'valley girl' accent, would 'like get on my uh, friggen nerves, like for real guys.' .. The couple did the right thing by going to the airport. I hope that the 911 bosses listened to the tape and make that operator retake a class or something. Just listening to her, I can see her leaned on one elbow, chompin on her gum, twirling her hair, and rolling her eyes because the couple does not want to "like, go back to Raleigh"

  • Lightfoot3 Jun 24, 2011

    "If it's so safe why do you feel the need to carry a gun everywhere you go?" - umop apisdn

    If allowed, I carry no matter what town I'm in, be it Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Apex, etc. Even the safest areas still have criminals.

  • umop apisdn Jun 24, 2011

    I love the people who argue how safe and awesome Durham is but in a different article talk about how they carry a handgun. Which is it? If it's so safe why do you feel the need to carry a gun everywhere you go?

  • turdferguson Jun 24, 2011

    I love how WRAL doesn't even mention a second car in the 540 shooting. Isn't good journalism about reporting the facts, and not just what the cops tell them? Is WTVD lying about the second car or is WRAL omitting the facts?

  • umop apisdn Jun 24, 2011

    "I agree, I can't believe she was so focused on getting them to go back to Raleigh... She needs to be reprimanded, because her attitude stinks."


  • shortcake53 Jun 24, 2011

    I do not believe it was road rage. I dont believe the couple in the car did anything to provoke being shot at. Sounds like they are being blamed so the "general public" wont be alarmed. So they have been victimized twice, nice.

  • rightisright58 Jun 24, 2011

    To all the comments made about the 9ll operator: You are all 100% correct! What an horrific attitude! Could this person have cared less? These people's lives were at stake! You can hear the panic in their voices. Some people actually call 9-1-1 when they are having an emergency as in this case. This employee should be fired!